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Follow Your Muse: February's Photo-a-Day Challenge

Sometimes I notice that I need to study my subject carefully through my photography.  I find myself taking photo after photo as I work to capture the mood, the personality, the intricacies of what I am photographing. 540 more words


My Biggest Hope Is...

My biggest hope is that I will finally be able to say I am happy with my life. Not content, not satisfied, Happy. I know that’s reaching out a lot, and sounds really selfish of me, like why couldn’t my biggest hope be curing cancer(because the medical industry doesn’t want to cure cancer, do you know how much money they make off cancer?!). 395 more words

365 Day Challenge

Be Open To The Message

While going through a closet the other day, I came across a small stack of books which I had read with my students years ago. I purchased these favorites because I hoped to share them with my potential grandchildren one day. 795 more words


9. Connection

I write a lot about states of being.  I’m big on observation.  Observation of my thoughts and feelings, of my understanding of what’s happening in my physical, outer environment and also what’s happening in my inner environment, the inside bits and pieces that make up how I really am.  615 more words

Transferring Technique to Application

A lot of times, we do athletic progressions, drilling and patterns in training. Specifically in the early part of the season. But how do we turn this into more efficient movements to become better athletes on the field and perform better in tournaments? 332 more words


TeamElite's Shane Reyes

Killa Bees here with an update on TeamElite’s Shane Reyes @_out_reyes. Shane had his first taste of being INSIDE the ring. He lost his bout to a much larger opponent and learned a valuable lesson; he learned that sometimes it’s not about the fight in front of you, it’s about the battles you had with yourself to get there. 203 more words