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Dog Lessons for People

This was posted on Facebook by my friend, Lisa Bearnes Richey. We agree that dogs are really smart and that we should take some good lessons they’ve learned and thrived by.

Quality Of Life

RoW80 Update: This is the End?

I’m going to be 100% honest. I have no idea when this round of RoW80 officially ends. I know when the next one begins (October 6th!), but I don’t know when this one ends. 404 more words


11 and still counting...

Yep. We just returned from relocating raccoon #11 of the year…

I really find it hard to believe that we’ve had so many this year. The closest water is across the road from us, and the animals have to come up a fairly steep hill to get onto the civilized part of our property. 138 more words


Welcome University of Nottingham Freshers!

You’ve packed up the car full to the brim with Paracetamol and duvets, uploaded the routine ‘off to unay’ Facebook status and are saying finals good-byes to a tearful mum. 630 more words


Training Makes the Difference

Today some of the members of a Facebook page I follow did and Iron Man triathlon. For those of you who don’t know that entails a 2.4mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and a marathon run (26.2 miles). 206 more words


DP Photo challenge: Endurance - To Endure

To me, the epitome of endurance are writers.

No one has the mental stamina to imagine vast, intricate worlds like a writer can. To sit for hours, thinking up people and creatures and tragic events that break the collective hearts of characters, readers and writers alike. 25 more words


Give me a Break!

Yesterday, I did what I know all people must do but, somehow, can rarely bring myself to actually do it: I took a break from writing. 420 more words