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Get Back In the Game

Writing has been stilted, stumbling, and failing for me. It should be a bad thing, as procrastination, for me can be fun, enticing, and what’s in my head doesn’t have to follow any liner rules, however a pen needs to meet paper, a file needs to initiated on my behalf. 161 more words


Deal 97 Preview

This deal is Hero-Villain-Obstacle with Carrot, Unity, and Pipe.


Congratulations to the Graduate :D

Hello everyone,

It has been a minute and then some. How have you been? This sister has been busy, like you would NOT believe!  Still, I shall not let this month, November pass by without inspiring you.  314 more words

Identify your partner's preferences.


You can also access information about the preference of your partner by simply talking, listening and exploring. Remember everyone has unique preferences.


Quote of the week

“There are no negatives in life, only challenges to overcome that will make you stronger.” ― Eric Bates