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Photo challenge - Day 9

Daily routine“, well I don’t have a daily routine. I really, really don’t like structure and routine. It scares me. I am afraid of being stuck in the same place, pattern, routine. 211 more words


Video: Shaker Tag

Hi all! I bit the bullet and overcame my fear and decided to try to make a shaker style project! I have seen a ton of people do them, and it looks so easy but when it came down to me trying it, I was afraid. 87 more words


Day Six

Did the required three pages yesterday, and before bed had ideas for other stories, so those got jotted down too. Keeping the focus on the novel. 326 more words


Alea Dailies 4-19

Today was race day, so I’ve gotten my cardio and almost all of my core stuff done for the day.

I ran a 5k. More like walk/jogged, but reached my best 5K time, official and otherwise. 41 more words


NaPoWriMo : Memories

Today’s prompt for the NaPoWriMo was, “This is a bit silly, but it’s Saturday. I recently got a large illustrated guide to sea shells. There are some pretty wild names for sea shells. 263 more words

The Poetry Corner

Taking The Bumpy Road

“Clank-Clank…. Clank-Clank.” 

The keys were hitting the ignition so hard I thought they were going to fly straight out of the car, as it was rocking back and forth so fast it was spilling my cup of water all over my lap. 624 more words


Maya Message

It is time to go into action around a new future.
Break new ground.
Face challenges.
And GROW….

So, if there is a new project or new direction you feel you would like to take….NOW is the time! 97 more words

Spiritual Insights