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Take the One Day Life Challenge

There’s a lot of like 30 day challenges floating around the internet. Usually they are ab or food related, like do a million sit-ups in a month or stop eating dairy. 279 more words


There Is Nothing To Fear But Fear Alone ~ Franklin D Roosevelt

At some point in our life we will be scared. Whether it be from asking someone to go on a date, going for an interview, telling someone you want nothing more to do with them, bungee jumping, parachuting, flying, spiders, or any other of the multitude of phobias. 196 more words


Worn Out

Day twenty-four of Ultimate Blog Challenge and I am sitting in bed after a lovely hot bath, weary and no more words or rational thoughts left. 25 more words

Reflective Work Journal

My sunny disposition

I woke up this morning feeling really yucky. I either had a very bad night, or the first good night in a while. I always feel worse after the first good night’s sleep in a while. 715 more words


Troubled Times ~ aka Major Temptation

The last week has been an emotional roller coaster for me.  There have been major life-changing things happening, then not happening that have turned my emotions, behaviours, sleeping patters, eating patterns, and everything else you can imagine upside down. 

My Sobriety

With Hope

Look forward with hope, not backwards with regret.