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How Do You View Children?

When I first wrote that question as a way to start my thinking about classroom management, I thought, “Wow, what a loaded question!” I mean, we all love children; if we didn’t we wouldn’t be working in the field of early childhood education. 467 more words

Classroom Management

You haven't walked a mile in my shoes

For all my supporters, please read.

If I could talk to the state mental health system, this is what I would tell them:

It wasn’t you that tried to comfort a screaming premature baby for 8 weeks who was withdrawing from drugs. 636 more words

Special Needs Kids

10 Ways I've Failed as a Parent (Lately)

Let my daughter watch a video of herself jumping in the bed because it distracted her from having a fit.

Also, jumping in the bed? We do that. 446 more words