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Sometimes peer pressure isn't all bad

Imagine if you could remove all threat of peer pressure from the life of a child. Teaching would be a lot easier. Parenting would be a lot easier. 521 more words

Early Childhood

Why does a child react negatively to change?

When I am talking to adults about children and their experiences, I typically try to think of ideas on how to connect the “adult life” to the child. 473 more words

Best Practice

The Six W’s of managing behavior in clients with Dementia

According to the information that we received from Pam Sebern, the Executive Director of Arden Courts in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, there is information for a caregiver to gather in order to help manage a client’s behavior while you are with them. 217 more words

Elderly Care

Did you know?

Until I took a seminar offered by Addus HomeCare, I was out of the loop. I thought that Alzheimers Disease was one step worse than Dementia, but I learned from Pam Sebern, Executive Director of Arden Courts, that Dementia is caused by Alzeimers!!!! 221 more words

Elderly Care

Selective Mutism in Preschool Children

A few years ago, I was asked to observe a child who never spoke to her preschool teachers, although she had no trouble talking at home with her parents.  578 more words

Challenging Behaviors

Trust Comes First

I am often approached by parents looking for advice on disciplining their children. I don’t think I have ever met a parent who didn’t struggle with this task. 486 more words


Just Say No

I have created a monster.

No, really. I spent nine plus months building her and didn’t even need to get struck by lightning or anything. I suppose it makes more sense to say I created a baby who became a toddler who is, on occasion, a monster. 368 more words

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