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Moet Champagne

Rượu Champagne Moët Chandon Brut Impérial

Màu nước vàng nhạt , với hương hoa quả tươi , kết thúc với hương bơ , và vị kem ngọt nhẹ. 141 more words


A Big Game Party that Packs a Punch

It’s time to make sure you have everything you need for the big game.
Beer? Check.
Cinnamon whiskey? Check.
Chips and dips? Check.
Wings. Check. 219 more words


Do Yourself A Favor -- Read This Before Cocktail Hour

By Elizabeth Speth

This won’t take long.

I was at the grocery store today, wandering listlessly through the produce aisle.  I saw masses of dusky purple winter grapes.   273 more words

Elizabeth Speth

Champagne Craving

Maybe I’m crazy, but I really do enjoy champagne. I know a lot of my friends only stand it one day a year, on New year’s Day, from 12:01-12:05, and then sit down their glasses for the entire year and don’t think anything of it. 226 more words


Tipsy poem

Let’s seek the Lover’s lane!
Let’s drink the finest champagne!
All Night stargazing experience
on the Terrace of Infinity.

Under the star-spangled sky
enamored with the Yin and the Yang… 13 more words


The Champagne Rule

Earlier this week, I went to the store and bought a pretty bottle of prosecco, and I may or may not have picked it out solely because of how lovely the label was. 572 more words


Why Pairing Wine With Your Super Bowl Snacks Isn't Pretentious

Wine shouldn’t be foisted onto every culinary event; no matter how grand or mundane, some matches are better left alone: the Kentucky Derby and bourbon, or bagels, lox, and black coffee (OK, a glass of Champagne wouldn’t be so terrible with either). 649 more words