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Champion Kids Nuggets - Head it off at the Pass

The past year has been life-changing for me. I’ve learned not to stress so much. It’s been a process, complete with prayer, God’s Word, sleeping, TV, reading for fun, and figuring out “no” is not a bad word. 328 more words

Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

This Ted Talk was awesome this lady really had so much energy and was so enthusiastic, that I could not stop watching her. She was so alive and she made some great points. 222 more words

Ted Talk

TED Talk; Rita F. Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

This TED Talk was really good liked how she was saying that the adults should apologize to the students but it’s usually the other way around. 200 more words

TED Talk

Rita Pierson

This video was the truth. Kids really do be surprised when a teacher says sorry to them about something. It shocks them because that is the last thing that they would ever expect from a teacher. 130 more words


Every kid needs a champion By: Rita F. Pierson 07/24/14

These are the type of educators I like to see, ones that actually care about helping you build a good future. She said she came from a long line of educators, and now she has been educating for about 48 years. 108 more words

TED Talk Responses

Every kid needs a champion

Every kid deserve to be taught. Every teacher deserve respect for actually taking the time out to teach these kids. Every day I see kids not being taught because teacher do not like them, or they do not think that they are teachable. 157 more words