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There’s so much happening in the world of Advocare!

First and foremost if you love your Green Apple Spark get it NOW it will be gone by the weeks end. 97 more words


día 5: Buceo #8 – Champion

Último buceo del día y del viaje. Algo más cansado, ya me empieza a hinchar que el buzo guía (Jimmy) haga el briefing antes de la inmersión nos explique hacia dónde vamos a nadar y que finalmente cuando descendemos, empieza hacia el lado contrario, va, viene, se va rápido, no dando tiempo a sacar fotos… en fin… 95 more words


The Domino Effect

Our actions show effect in our lives and others more then just taken in a singular moment. Whether in the public media or not, we all have the opportunity of influencing someone positively or negatively during the day through a passing glance or an indepth conversation, a reaction to a stress or a way of showing gratitude, a role of authority or showing an expression of our beliefs. 1,602 more words

Why would I want to share leadership? (Community Inc. Final entry 11/19/21)

In this final blog in the series leading up to this Friday’s workshop I aim to present each of you with a challenge: Prove that you can give your leadership away. 230 more words

General Santos City Chamber turns 40!

In unity there is strength. Entrepreneurs and businessmen have long realized that by banding together in the true spirit of cooperation, mutual respect, and best-practice sharing, they become stronger, and their civic, commercial, social, and economic interests and rights protected. 236 more words

Communicating Right


“Runners are not all that picky but like clothing and gear that is common sense and makes the act of running easier and comfortable.”

There are lots of gadgets, gear, apps and information for runners now. 586 more words

Day 17/21: You Are Who God Says You Are

It’s time for you to get over your past.  It’s time for you to get over what everybody thinks of you.  It’s time for you to get over all the negative words that have been spoken over you.   620 more words