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Ten Years In

I had to pause when I typed that title in.



One decade of semi-regularly posting my thoughts on MMORPGs, from my early “gee-wow” phase of starting playing the games to my significantly more jaded self today. 1,777 more words

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Seasons Greetings! Have A Wishful Soundtrack!

Seasons Greetings, everyone!

While we have been busy working on the forthcoming series “Furia and the Guardians”, we’ve also been putting together something that was on Santa’s List for quite some time… and that was a soundtrack to… 999 more words

Battlerock Comics

Building Character (AKA "What I've been doing in the last month")

Life’s kept me a bit busy lately, but I have some time to take a look at where things are these days.

I managed to complete the Delta Rising expansion’s story in Star Trek Online with my Klingon character, and as of later today, he’ll have maxed out his Delta Reputation, which means that when I eventually do it for my primary Starfleet and Romulan characters, they’ll have an easier time of it; this is because of the ability to “sponsor” an alt by spending reputation marks to create a token that-when used by the alt-will double the reputation xp of each project.   654 more words

Star Wars: The Old Republic