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Building Character: The Cross-Game Edition

Well, let’s see where things stand these days with my assorted crazy characters in my currently active MMOs.

Over in Champions Online, I’ve been on a bit of a tear.   1,253 more words

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Rusty Hearts in Memorium

Thank you all for coming today.

I know for some of you the trip was inconvenient, taking your time off from work or just coming here in your free time, so we greatly appreciate it. 968 more words


Fantastic Voyages in Millennium City

The Crusade has begun!  Well, that’s not strictly true; the evil robot Mechanon in Champions Online has been an unseen presence pretty much from day one, with hints about it both in Millennium City and in Snake Gulch at the Southwest.   553 more words

Champions Online

Lounge L33ts Episode 14: Renaissance Center

Did someone say “water balloon fight”? We’re in Renaissance Center for the 5th Anniversary of Champions Online! Ran shows off his sparkly new suit, Matt shows off his new villain, er…”anti-hero,” and everyone comes to stare at Tira Blue the cat girl. 31 more words

Mad Matt Winchell