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Champions Online - Etincelle's Laser Sword Pyre Build

I’m a big fan of the Phantasy Star series, and I always wanted to make a Wartecher kind of build in CO, i.e. a character that is survivable, hits hard in melee and has an assortment of pseudo-magical techniques to do stuff pseudo-magical techniques are supposed to do, like buff, debuff, heal, resurrect and hit things at range. 664 more words

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"We've always been each other's greatest nemesises... uh, nemesee... wh-what's the plural on that?"

One of the best parts of Champions Online has always been its Nemesis system.

Every hero has one.  Batman has the Joker.  Spider-Man has the Green Goblin.  1,379 more words

Champions Online

Champions Online - 100% Dodge Lightning Reflexes on a Budget

This is a refined version of Kitty’s original 100% Dodge Lightning Reflexes build. Backflipping with Evasive Maneuvers was killing DPS, so a more efficient route to 100% Dodge was in order. 559 more words

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The New Champion

Recently I’ve been feeling the urge to be super-heroic again.  So I’m visiting Champions Online again.

Sure, I could get my super-hero on with Marvel Heroes (and I still am, have no doubt; been working on the Silver Surfer there recent days, and waiting patiently for Star-Lord’s release), but the issue there is that I can’t play a hero of my own creation.  1,062 more words

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Champions Online - Ten Things I Learned from Spamming Sniper Rifle

Here are the results of a week of spamming Sniper Rifle on the Private Test Server with various superstat setups, and over 50 combinations of Superstat, Form, Passive and Specializations: 912 more words

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Champions Online - How to Get Awesome Cone Attacks

Champions Online is a 3D game that actually allows players to use the Z-axis – something not many games do. That opens up some very interesting possibilities for 3D-shaped attacks.  177 more words

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