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How to Use the Infinite Number of Email Addresses Gmail Gives You

How to Use the Infinite Number of Email Addresses Gmail Gives You

One trick you may or may not have picked up about Gmail is that you can add in periods anywhere in the front part of your address and it makes no difference whatsoever: john.smith@gmail.com works just the same as johnsmith@gmail.com. 420 more words


Day3: Filthy Rich

The last post about my techno-fast… if you haven’t read day1 or day2, for the sake of context, please give those a read first. Otherwise this could potentially get a little confusing with some spoilers :P… 2,295 more words

Love & Dance, el primer amor

Por Fernando Cervantes Radzekov

El baile es una forma de hacer el amor. Nos libera de las ataduras de la vida sedentaria y nos hace redescubrir el mundo. 569 more words

LINNE Magazine

Loving God

It’s Free Friday! Today is the day you let go of the things in your life that keep you down or hold you back from all God has for you. 655 more words

Kung Fu Not Puppy Poo!

This blog strictly with the Home Team of F,S&HG!
Honing Discernment, Informing Choice.
Challenge but not hurt feelings.
If its out there & worthy of remark, well, what do you expect? 9 more words

Commercial Art

Francis and Lisa Chan's New Book on Marriage

My favorite Christian Preacher and his wife have Co-Authored a book on marriage called ‘ You and Me Forever’.
Its available August 26th 2014. (MP) 6 more words

Pseudo Pastor?

“In our culture, even if a pastor doesn’t actually love people, he can still be considered successful as long as he is a gifted speaker, makes his congregation laugh, or prays for ‘all those poor, suffering people in the world’ every Sunday.” Francis Chan in Crazy Love, p. 76 more words