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Touching the infinite

Zen teaches in many ways.  “Truth is just this.”  “Everything is mind.”  I’ve struggled meditating on these teachings along with many others.  But tonight I felt as though I had a genuine experience.   184 more words


My Problem with Spanish

Speaking English is like tongue-twist for me. I can speak each word perfect, but then you have to string them together like, ‘Blah, blah, blah.’ That’s when I get crazy.
**Jackie Chan


Malaysian Artist Uses 64,000 Chopsticks to Create Jackie Chan Portrait

Malaysian artist Hong Yi celebrated the 60th birthday of Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan by creating a portrait of him with 64,000 chopsticks.

She worked on the art piece throughout March and spent up to 12 hours a day tying chopsticks for two weeks straight. 30 more words


This SD card logger library fits on an ATmega8

David Gironi has designed an SD card logger library – with log rotation – that neatly fits on an ATmega8 microcontroller (MCU). Precise date and time are obtained via a DS1307 chip. 253 more words

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