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Time Will Tell | Invictus

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. -Proverbs 31:25

That sounds so ideal, doesn’t it? The perfect woman – confident, strong, dignified. 481 more words


Mir könnte es im Grunde

Mir könnte es im Grunde völlig egal sein. Aber es ist mir nicht egal. Es ist mir ganz und gar nicht. Nicht gleichgültig. Nicht egal. 184 more words


ids with the bell curve = "chance"

I just came across this in a pile of papers on my desk. It shows how one can take an id element–an indicator–and cover quite a bit of vocabulary ground with it. 16 more words

Bacchylides Epinicia, fr. 10.38-53: On Knowledge, Wealth and Fortune

“The knowledge of man has countless forms—
whether learned in some prophetic art
or allotted the Graces’ honor,
the wise man certainly flourishes with golden hope. 163 more words


Step Lifted

Love gentle knocked,

Door wide opened,

Heart chance unlocked,

Step lifted.


Life is a beautiful mess

life is a beautiful little mess


you can’t see the missile that hits us

don’t know why

look a little closer, give it a try… 134 more words