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You Just Lost Your Chance To Live In The Something's Gotta Give House

PHOTO: Columbia Pictures/Curbed
Who didn’;t covet that gorgeous beach house that Diane Keaton’;s character owned in Something’;s Gotta Give? It was the epitome of interior design eye candy. 23 more words

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The light is bright, the clouds are the purest white and it’s another world. It carries itself forward with the greatest momentum of energy and intricacies that we will never fully understand. 32 more words


2:10 AM

So that’s what time it is. It’s my early night.

I went out with the cute half Japanese half French guy who cuts hair. SO CUTE. 715 more words


August 30

I took Chance down to play with my boyfriend’s dog, Barley. Some friends were over and the dogs kept each other company and stayed out of the way outside for a while. 554 more words

Unlike Blairite playgrounds

There are a lot of events in life in which there aren’t really any prizes for coming second, let alone any further back. Job interviews, for instance. 738 more words

Contingent (adj.) — occurring or existing only if (certain other circumstances) are the case.

It’s amazing how quickly things can change. One instant, you can have a vision of the upcoming week; where you’ll be spending your free time, who you’ll be with, what you’ll be doing, how you’ll feel. 264 more words


A seagull evacuated on me.

That’s rather a bald statement (it wasn’t a bald seagull, I checked), but it set off a train of thought on the subject of luck. 1,103 more words

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