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Was there every a moment that you felt lonely and you felt like the world around you has melted away? Has this ever happened to you? 388 more words


Take A Chance

To feel shame is to feel regret. To feel regret is to know failure. To know failure is to know a chance that’s been taken. … 11 more words


Second Chances

What we have here ...

Is a rare gift
An opportunity
Few people will ever receive

What we have here is 
... a Second chance

Prove To Me

Be who you are
Show me how we’re okay
Like the darkest cloud
In a sky of blue
Prove to me
They’re beautiful, too.

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Sometimes it hits me-

You can either stay stagnant and miserable because it’s safe, or you can jump.

Free fall for a minute.

Maybe you’ll crash and burn, or maybe, just maybe, you’ll land safe, sound and ready for the next leap.