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Moment's Torture


That’s all it took 

for her to be ousted. 


Friendly laughs, 

of her pals, 

beckon no longer!


She walks in daze, 

fixes her hair,  116 more words


Oprah Says: Live Your Dreams

I went over the post at the beginning of this blog and I got sad. Over the 2 and a half years we’ve been together, I’ve made good on my declaration to FIND MY HAPPINESS – partially. 93 more words


No Dress Rehearsal

Who would shun the chances that life offers,

Negate potential gain because of fears?

Who dismisses what each chalice proffers

But begs with thirst and cries for wasted years? 70 more words


Conversations, Great Friends and Who I am

After conversations with friends about love, life, friendships and everything in between, I’ve decided:

  • If I believe that it’s the right thing to do, then it’s worth taking a chance. 
  • 181 more words

"Mother" is a name you haven't earned yet.

I tend to give some people way too many chances, while I fail to give others “enough” chances. My whole life people have and continue to let me down. 1,351 more words

Roofing News and Education

Roofing News and Education If you re like many homeowners, chances are good that you ve experienced storm damage this year; hail, high winds, drivingMore Get up to 50% off Select Everbilt, UST & UTARpit Roofing & Drop Tarps $5.38-$66.59 w/FS Get up to 50% off Select Everbilt, UST & UTARpit Roofing & Drop Tarps… 76 more words

Pull The String

Sometimes we try to find the key
To open boxes with no lock -
Instead of pulling strings
We wait and weigh the chances - 27 more words