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Nerds-Eye Review - The Walking Dead

Based on yet another Image Comic, The Walking Dead has been thrilling fans of the Zombie genre on AMC for 5 seasons. And, rumors are that this season is the last. 2,248 more words

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Mercy (2014)

After Mercy becomes extremely ill, her daughter Rebecca moves her sons George and Buddy to care for her.  We learn quickly that George possesses strange abilities like his grandmother and his aunt.    349 more words

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Movie Review: Mercy (2014)

Title: Mercy
Director: Peter Cornwell
Release Date: October 7, 2014

Dylan McDermott
Chandler Riggs
Joel Courtney
Frances O’Connor
Shirley Knight

Currently available on Netflix. 166 more words


The Walking Dead S5E4: Slabtown

Review by Gene

After half a seasons worth of episodes since Beth was taken, we finally catch up with her. And she’s totally fine. If you consider being locked in a hospital room in a war-mangled city, then told you “owe” your saviors certain unspecified tasks all for the greater good as being totally fine. 1,450 more words


The Walking Dead S5E3: Four Walls and a Roof

Review by Gene

A cannibal, an Episcopalian pastor and a one-legged man walk into a church… what sounds like the start of a bad joke is actually pretty close to where we were left at the end of “Strangers” last week. 1,574 more words