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Translation comparison: My Sister Life

There’s a famous question in Boris Pasternak’s “About These Lines” (Про эти стихи, 1917): Какое, милые, у нас Тысячелетье на дворе? It’s one word (and one agreeing ending) away from being a banal question about the weather, but instead of “what’s the weather like out there?” it’s “what millennium is it out there?” 391 more words

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Forever Friends. Because it's never off the TV...

Apparently it’s 20 years today since Friends, the loveable sassy American shitcom about six self-obsessed twats whose eyes you’d never tire of gouging out – ideally with coffee spoons – made its TV debut. 10 more words


Main/Chandlers Law - Television Tropes & Idioms

Main/Chandlers Law – Television Tropes & Idioms.

Mainly I just want to post this because I always forget if this is a Hammett of a Chandler rule and if I write down that it’s Chandler I’ll have a better chance of remembering it.

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First Impression

A properly photographed home will provide a visually pleasing realistic first impression that will translate a positive message to any potential buyer. A message that presents a home with pride speaks volumes. 31 more words

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All About The Light

HDR vs Extra Light Real Estate Photography. It’s all about the light!

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The Importance of Friends

This coming Monday (September 22nd) marks the 20th anniversary of the first airing of the first episode of the sitcom Friends. And while I could blather on about how that makes me feel “soooo old!” instead, Friends reminds me more of my friends and the bonds we formed over the show. 1,201 more words