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#Je Suis Hopeful!

It is hard to be these days. Not when you see all these headlines. And definitely not the way you want to ring in a New Year which is supposed to be filled with hope for the future! 434 more words


An image is worth a thousand words...or a couple hundred thousand years

I love this image we created for our Fellowship Summit. How long has our modern design for schools been in existence? It often feels like we’ve always done school with desks in rows and a teacher in the front, students separated by age and written tests to check for learning — but the pink portion of the circle below shows that it’s only been in existence for less than 1% of human history. 27 more words

21st Century

Change Requires Less Management, More Leadership -- #ChangeManagement

I was interested to see this recent guest post on the Heller Report calling for less change management and more leadership

                         Change Requires Less Management, More Leadership… 353 more words

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Pope Francis and Change Leadership

When we speak about change “starting from the top,” we literally cannot go any higher in the Roman Catholic Church than The Pope. Thus those of us who ply our trade in trying to change how things are done should take note of what Pope Francis said to the Vatican’s governing leadership — also known as the Roman Curia — in a pre-Christmas speech on Monday December 22nd. 1,421 more words


No Progress Without Struggle

I was reading this great quote on Twitter recently @Primary_ed posted and it got me thinking about the expectations we have in schools about the academic standards we set for our students. 487 more words

Stay Ahead of the Game

Peoples needs have changed with shifts in the market. Therefore, it is vital that we, as leaders, assess our approach based on what’s most relevant to who and where we work and operate. 326 more words


Trending: If you only make one change...

One way to look at the world is to divide it into adaptive and technical challenges and solutions.

For example if I am a teacher using a math textbook that is outdated, I can solve that problem with a technical solution, a new textbook.   383 more words

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