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I love this quote from Tom Peters.

Personally I think it is the ultimate challenge to develop good, robust ethical leaders who live the values of the organisation and who have the confidence to make good clear decisions and to communicate powerfully. 126 more words

On Change Leadership & Radical Theoretics

Reading Seamon’s “The Most Powerful Tools for Change” brings to minds to mind Zola’s classic naturalist tome Germinal, particularly the speech in the woods protagonist Etienne gives to the suffering miners to revolt against their serfdom to aristocracy (Part 4, Chapter 7). 779 more words

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Successful Change Leadership

Change Leadership, in its very essence, should focus upon improvement and growth. Without an actual purpose, and driving change only for the sake of change, change is a waste of everyone´s time. 584 more words

Change Management

Quote of the Day | 10.17.14

Leaders have to be concerned not only with what their organization is doing but with what it ought to be doing.

- Albert Mohler

37 Barriers to Change

Change is an unavoidable reality in organizational life. Like death and taxes, change is part of life whether we like it or not.

Continuity & Change… 523 more words


Failing to Sustain: In & Out of Performance Innovation

I run a small brewery, out of pocket, where any proceeds (few, but significant) are immediately given to charity. Despite hopes of expansion, I’ve always been constrained by the facets of life that “matter” more day to day: paying the rent, therefore going to work, therefore doing a decent job, therefore focusing on how to do a decent job. 425 more words

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Immersion & Acclimation: The Importance of Culture in Orientation

Changing career paths is rough. I decided to quit my previous job without anything new lined up under the major goals of working closer to my education and developing professionally in a growth environment. 530 more words

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