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Are You Wild Or Game ?

I always get amazed by the lion. Such a large impressive creature and so powerful. The roar instils reverence, awe and terror all at the same time. 702 more words

Dare to be average--it's good for your health

Dare to be average! You’ll be a lot more emotionally healthy and live longer. Sounds like weird advice when a zillion books, blogs, tweets, and motivational gurus rant on about becoming great, achieving excellence, reaching for the top, and being all that you can be. 497 more words

Managing alignment with the Highlands on the line

I’m half Scottish. That may come as a surprise to some of you since I have a non-regional accent (perks of growing up abroad) but if you met my father, it really wouldn’t. 607 more words


Marcus Buckingham Got It Wrong - What to Do When Your Insecurities Destroy Your Company

Author Marcus Buckingham in a Facebook post said, “You can’t be insecure and be a great team leader. Your insecurity will cause you to compete with your own people, which is the opposite of what a great team leader does. 552 more words


Office Politics and the Scottish Referendum

I don’t ever suggest that I am a fond  follower of politics, I do ensure that I’m well versed in what’s going on and the more recent events leading up to the Scottish referendum have got me thinking about just how much unneeded drama, wasted gossip and time is spent when there is a major political change a foot. 594 more words


Fun at Work? Abso-freakin'-lutely!

Imagine this. You’re on your way to work and you’re actually, honestly excited about it.

Wait…what? Really?

Abso-freakin’-lutely! Know why?


If there is one thing that makes life easy at work is knowing that your stakeholders are happy. There is nothing that beats meeting stakeholder expectations and is really the key to the percieved success of your project.

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