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Tradition and Change

Tradition is a powerful force. To embed change, you must create a strong, new organizational culture. The Change Coalition alone cannot root change in place – no matter how influential they are.  

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Change Leadership

When Change Efforts Fail, What Are the Right Questions?

Kevin Dincher

Every day at least two or three articles, blogs and discussion posts find their way into my inbox with titles that are some slight variation on the question, “Why do change initiatives fail?”  As I read them, I keep wondering if they are asking the right question. 257 more words

Organization Development (OD)

Episode 2: Knocking on inner doors

Blog posted on 29-08-2012 by Marjan Franzen.

‘Well Mr. King, I’d like to answer your question with another question if you don’t mind’. He nodded in desperation. 454 more words

Change Management

Episode 1: Hello, how are you Mr. King?

Blog posted on 15-08-2012 by Marjan Franzen.

‘Yes George, you can park the car here in front of the entrance. I’ll see you in one, one and a half hours and please give me a missed call in time because we have to be on time for the farewell party’. 569 more words

Change Management

Common pitfalls in leading change

In their research on transformational change, Scott Keller and Colin Price, authors of Beyond Performance, have identified common pitfalls that organizations typically encounter on their change journey. 270 more words

Developing Capacity

Managing communication on Change Projects: a useful Slideshare

This is a really useful Slideshare presentation from Ann Pilkington which shows how good communication principles and practices should be applied on Change Projects.

You might also like to read my own “ 11 more words

Project Management

Culture Trumps Strategy

In discussions this week, the phrase ‘Culture trumps Strategy’ was introduced; one that, although unfamiliar, hit a whole series of chords about how procurement works and the sorts of issues faced in many organisations. 595 more words

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