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Flying By the Seat of My Pants

Until recently, when asked how things were in my life, I’d say (only one quarter in jest): “Oh, you know, circling the drain.” This has been a knee jerk response for several years now, revealing either a very clogged drain, or a perfect storm of aging, mild depression, and a changing world that challenges my comfort zone. 328 more words


The Writing Process: new settings

I came across this cute photo on my personal Tumblr and thought that it was perfect for those feeling sad and stuck when it came to writing. 9 more words

Better To Begin

Desires Deliverance

Desperate to escape a tumultuous sea

Desire runs deep yet needs a reprieve

Reaching for freedom, beauty ascends

As passion climbs too high to perceive… 161 more words

Images And Words

Three To Make You Feel Better (2014)

1. Change of scenery.
2. Surprise visit.
3. Kind words.
One stewed-
Until that change of mood.


Friday photo - suspending disbelief

Yesterday we went to Looe Island (also known as St George’s Island).  One of those things that would have been on my bucket list if I had one!  138 more words

Friday Photo