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Beauty in Words

Some words - as you embrace them -  as you understand them and really give them complete attention – make all the difference in the world. 96 more words


A Look Into Thy Self

Not everyone can see you in your nakedness, in your true spirit. Not everyone can handle you in your raw emotion or your true feelings about life. 333 more words


The Shortcut Is ... There Is No Shortcut

It’s funny over the years how infomercials stick with you.  The must absurd one over the years is definitely the shake weight.  There are so many gullible I guess that products like this actually sale.   314 more words



Earlier this week I was really thinking about life and where mine is. I’ve gone through so many ups and downs over the last decade. Worrying about marriage and worrying about children, and then learning not to worry about either of those things. 393 more words

From The Heart

Daring Greatly~ Kristi

Last summer, I read Daring Greatly by Dr. Brene Brown.  The words transformed me into a Daring Great action hero—shame: the nemesis; failure: the arch enemy; and my super power: vulnerability.  866 more words


International Adventures Continue

So, I’m sitting on my front porch dressed in a way that would have utterly mortify my daughter a year ago.  The humidity of the morning seems to have dulled most of the sound from just about every…. 410 more words