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The Negative Deviant

Since early on, I have been that child who was not exactly keen on following social norms. I don’t think that social norms are something bad and is completely corrupted, I just found my peace among things that were more unorthodox in nature. 731 more words


She is not Mine ~ Rae

When she grew inside me

I whispered to her

The great plans I had

And how I would always keep her near

When they placed her on my chest… 151 more words


The Big Move

It seems only fitting that my first blog post in how many months(?) too many, should be about my big move to Winchester.

God has been so faithful in my life. 392 more words


Cheerleader for Change

If you ask a successful leader to identify his or her primary job responsibilities, it is probably unlikely that “cheerleader” would make it onto a top five list. 442 more words


Viewing Life Beyond the Current Season

Are you missing the current season of life while reliving past seasons or anticipating a future season?

Many people have a lengthy list of things they would love to pursue, personally and professionally, that aren’t possible in the current season of life.   241 more words


Welcome to Wednesday

Clearly, I’m in a title slump. So I guess I’m doing the days of the week titles to correspond with my days of the week panties. 329 more words