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PTSD... So, It's bigger than any of us.

Here is why forgiveness is a hard concept to wrap my mind around in my recovery: Whose fault is it?

It wasn’t mine. I at least know this. 767 more words




Edges break. Bottles shatter. Nothing stays the same.
And egg must crack to open. A cocoon too. Today, the rain
Leaked into the bus and over the floor was wet everywhere. 66 more words

Worst Relationships to keep

This is inspired by me getting tortured my fucking mosquitoes every night for the past week. It is insane. They leave swollen bites everywhere on my legs. 777 more words


This Season

I believe you are leading me into a new life.

I thought it would happen slowly,
But instead, it’s going at dizzying speed,
And I am grateful. 191 more words



The link that will be provided is a website that leads to the PDF file of Expressions Magazine. It is a minority literary and arts publication that they finally started up again after a whole year. 138 more words


“Relatability”: The Power

I really think that where we lose people is when we lose the ability to relate to them. The moment that you’re not able to relate to a young person, you’ve lost them. 316 more words


The First 91 Days

Ok so slaying the alcohol dragon is a take-away from Nietzsche’s three metamorphoses. The middle one actually when the Lion slays the dragon (who represents societal norms). 536 more words