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Each year one vicious habit discarded, in time might make the worst of us good. – Benjamin Franklin

here & now

Is it
that I can’t
escape the present?

Am I stuck without hope
in the here
& now?

have I
experienced all

of what the here & 53 more words


The BBC: Misinforming The Nation

I awoke this morning to news that the EU Court had ruled that Hamas was no longer to be listed as a terrorist organisation. I read the ‘breaking news’ on the BBC website and contemplated the ruling that the EU decision to keep Hamas on the list was based not on their actions, but on hearsay and internet rumour. 680 more words

Empty drawers and clothesless hangers.

I came home and you were gone. Like, actually gone. After 7.5 months of living together I came home to empty drawers and clothesless hangers. There was no note.  502 more words


Seeing Ghosts


I’ve worked in hospitals since I was 17 years old.  I am now 34.  From the year 2001 until 2011 I ran the surgery department in a particular county hospital.  1,485 more words

Progress - it's all around you

Today (17th December) 111 yrs ago the Wright brothers experienced their first powered flight. It lasted 120 seconds Right now I am at an airport watching jet powered planes land every minute. 184 more words