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Break The Cycle

Break the cycle of bad habits by focusing on a completely new awe-inspiring habit and by using this simple strategy, it will help you to lose the bad habit for good. 42 more words



Immediately we see the changes, and we are surprised and not. We hold ourselves in this state, of wonder and bemusement. I think sometimes that we long for this returning. 271 more words

Flash Fiction

Lost Ourselves

When did you last randomly say hi
To just a stanger you saw passing by
When was the last time you made friends
Independant of likes and requests each one sends… 336 more words


Contentment Friday

My life has officially changed because of THIS BLOG POST!!!

I have never really cared for the idea of Black Friday shopping! I don’t do very well in big crowds as it is, I like my bubble to remain my bubble, so the thought of braving THOUSANDS of people in a single store scares me. 589 more words


Abortion Evolution

I think that with a new republican majority, it’s expected that there will be a lot of new legislation reflecting more conservative ideas.  One of the big topics I am concerned about it birth control and abortion.  16 more words

Thanksgiving on the Heart

With Thanksgiving just being yesterday, I have thanks written on my heart. I am thankful for two parents who raised me with the intention of giving me a safe environment in which to grow. 278 more words

Thoughts And Perspective


My heart is reeling. A delicate grasp on this illusion. These nights grow so cold. Unending.

Desire inside to leave behind. So many dreams are now drowning. 34 more words