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Medium: metalsmithing (copper and nickel-silver)

Completed Oct, 2014

So, I’m back with another piece after a brief hiatus!  :D

(Wow, that slant-rhymed…)

To be clear, I used “evolve” casually, not scientifically and the brain doesn’t make it a reference to evolutionary psychology.   34 more words


How to actually change for the better

Changing yourself for the better might just be one of the most satisfying feelings it is possible to accomplish as a human being. Not incidentally, it is also one of the hardest. 2,738 more words


Day 9: For the first time in forever, nothing's in my way

The past week has been very rocky. And I’ve only just started the recovery process. It feels like I’m going at a snail’s pace, and as much as I love snails, they are so slow it’s frustrating. 243 more words

Change the system

The system is broken. The wage gap is increasing. The world is broken.

Wow that is depressing.

What can you do about it. Remove yourself from the system and abstain from action? 196 more words

Your Life on Earth

BBC Earth has a new online feature called Your Life on Earth where you can find out all kinds of facts about how the world has change since a certain date.  181 more words


3 poems in proximity

i have seen the ancient oak
when he fell
we scattered his ashes in the sound
and picked the acorns off the ground

two strangers sat juxtaposed… 85 more words