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#butterflyMemoirs -the inSight.


I admit I was never a massive fan of butterflies, actually I’m not one to stop and marvel at this faint creature, well that was until TONIGHT. 1,059 more words


An Update on Me!

I figured I would fill you in on whats been happening recently. This might not make much sense if you haven’t read my blog ‘New Start for a Better Future’ but I’m sure you’ll get the gist! 473 more words


What you been doing?

Hello . . . Just checking in from a couple of months of being lost. There are just days that go by having done nothing or very little. 187 more words

Life's Thoughts

That's Life: Friendships

People grow apart.
Relationships end.
It’s painful & sometimes devastating but that opens the door for a new chapter in your life.

I’ve had several times throughout my life where I without a doubt was sensing that a relationship between me and some friends was surely coming to an end.It seemed all I could do was sit back and watch it happen, slowly but surely. 470 more words

Stay Strong

I Had a Dream

Post # 244

I had a dream the other night, or was it in the morning?  I never understood sleep studies, in order to decide which part of you night your dream.  304 more words


Small consistent efforts makes changes in life.

Rain drops may be little In shape and size.
But their continuous fall makes a river overflow.
Remember small consistent efforts makes changes in life.

Inspirational Quotes

Changing of life in many ways

Change is a transition of one particular substance whether it is a thing, place, object, etc. to a whole new substance that may be damaged or evolved, could be different or enhanced. 357 more words

Real Life