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Maybe I know what I need in my life right now: a jump-start.

I’m a self-proclaimed planner than a doer. You could see me cutting out pieces from a magazine for my dream board, writing in my planner or creating list of what I should accomplish for the next few months or years, but I rarely follow them through. 132 more words


So here it is –  a new theme, and a brand new look for the blog! Actually I’ve been planning a few changes on my blog and post types, and I thought that changing the blog’s theme would be just the right thing to do to make it all easy to bring about, and adapt to the upcoming changes.  132 more words

11 little changes to move your life in unimaginable ways.

1. Listen with your heart, not with your ears- you’ll be surprised at what you hear.

2. Turn off your inflexible button for one day a week – see what life sends for you. 94 more words

Musings And Ponderings About Life.


From Bruce Lipton’s blog, Biology of Belief.

Excerpt from What Kind of Vibes are you Feeling Today?

Have you ever visited someone’s house and thought—“Wow, it’s so beautiful, it feels so peaceful, I love this house.” That’s a house that resonates well with the energy of its occupants and with your energy as well. 48 more words


On the move part one....

Question one: should you move across country (with a few perks) or should you start looking for a job? Ummmm since looking for a job is worse than root canal + menstrual cramps! 141 more words

Changes Can Be Good

Hey Lovers!

Today’s post won’t be about fashion or music. It will be about life. Life can be messy and cruel to us but it is how we handle it that makes us who we are. 285 more words

Moving Out.

The main reason I created this was because I needed to get this out. I needed to create my legacy some how. Nobody will EVER be around to write a book about me, no body us going to remember me when I’m gone, the way I look at it… I can’t blame them. 229 more words