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New Beginnings

Happy Easter!!

Easter is traditionally the time of new beginnings and signifies the true start of the spring season. Warmer weather is finally upon us, grass has greened, flowers are begining to grow, and farmers are antsy about getting into the field. 429 more words



“They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.” ~Confucius

I know that I’ve been excessively tardy over the last 2 months! Not a single new blog post and for that I apologise. 361 more words

My Feline Family and Perceptions of Time

I wonder how my feline family perceives time. There is no question in my mind they are aware of the passage of time, if I ask them not to wake me until a certain hour they wait to that precise hour. 1,231 more words


Family Ties


Is it best
when leaving the nest
to no longer be
from the family tree?

When you marry
do you no longer carry… 52 more words


Being in Transition

Hello Human Being. This is going to be a different kind of post for me. I don’t know, as I open this entry, if I will have a positive message to glean from this situation, but I want to speak on a personal level, in hopes I can work out some of the dark spaces in my heart. 965 more words


Have you seen The Bible page?

We have just released our new bible page. It looks at the bible with lots of facts you can find it here.


Nobody Steps Twice Into the Same River......

Nobody Steps Twice Into The Same River…..

This intrigued me when I heard it the other day, and it set me off thinking again. Initially I thought what a silly thing to say, but then when the little wheels started grating round and round in my head I realised that it was a perfectly logical statement that made a lot of sense. 1,198 more words