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A special time

“We are living in a special time. Throughout the world there is a stirring and an interrelation of forces never before experienced by mankind. All around us we see an unprecedented acceleration of the possibilities of change. 194 more words


Feed the Beast!

Part of me wants to be a Sloth. Yes, seriously, I just said that. A SLOTH! Eating whatever I want, whenever I want. Never ever exercising. 244 more words


SSP Change From 6th April




Question: I’ve heard that my clients will not be able to reclaim the sick pay that they pay to their employees from April. Is this true? 111 more words

Day 1 and Owning It

“Attitude is a little thing can make a big difference” Winston Churchill

Today I wandered around my house trying to convince myself to accept my challenge and do something, then I decided make today was the day that I force myself to put a happy face on and face the world with my lovely AirCast on my leg (I do mean lovely…I spent 5 hours of my life when I first got it making it pink argyle and the bedazzling it). 403 more words


More Changes Ahead!!

I know that I mentioned in my most recent post that I wrote on here that I recently got a new job working on post at a frozen yogurt shop, and by new I mean I’ve been working there for about two months now. 287 more words

Army Wife

Time to drag myself along

I can’t wallow any longer. Although my heart is torn the days will go on and I must make myself productive. I will throw myself into my studies and get the best grades I can get without just skimming by. 80 more words

How long before positive changes appear in my life?

I am not a fortune teller, and I cannot tell the future. I can only sense spiritual energies and emotions. I feel that you will need about a whole year to start changing yourself in a positive direction, and therefore allow positive changes in your life to happy. 411 more words

Psychic Reading