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The real answer to "are you okay"

No, not really, in all honesty. Not in the slightest. But by God I’m trying pretend I am and hope to hell it’s working because I can’t take any more of this. 560 more words


Be like the Oak Tree.

Every so often I go and see a psychic.

I know what you’re thinking. What. a. sucker. It’s a fair point – If I’d never been before, I’d probably say the same. 343 more words

Whole 30 & About Fifty-Million Other Things

HI YALL! Can you believe October is almost over?? I figured I should squeeze in a post before the month comes to a close. I’ve been meaning to write up my Dutch Baby recipe for you all to enjoy, but that has somehow moved to the blogging backburner. 503 more words


Being Obedient

Yesterday, I was very excited to have coffee with my friend Morgs and one of her friends that she had connected me with.  Little did I know where the conversation would turn, and honestly I loved the conversation, but I was also called out by God during part of it.   649 more words



It’s been a while since I last posted. It’s also been a while since this blog was used as it was intended – as somewhere to share and talk about my art and explore the work of others that I found interesting. 523 more words

Autumn Reflections

A week or two ago, I was driving down a road in our neighborhood thinking how beautiful it was. You know, when the leaves on the trees form a colorful canopy over the street. 543 more words


Ever hear the phrase “How the cow ate the cabbage”? 

No? well it’s basically a “Coming to Jesus” kind of thing/conversation.

Last night we had one of those. 588 more words

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