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Run. Every damn day.

Running …THEN and NOW.

… When I was 3, I used to race the fastest kid in the playgroup. I lost by far every time and earned the nickname ‘ Tortoise’, though hey, I kept on going back and challenging him. 409 more words

The Ultimate Change Management Template

If we are having problems at the workplace, especially the types that seem to occur again and again, then that’s clear indication that something has got to change. 708 more words

Behavioral Change

Hungry? Thirsty?


HUNGRY?                                                        THIRSTY?
Have you ever laughed so much you started to cry? Have you ever laughed when something hurt before the sensation of pain set in? 591 more words

Changing Habits

"I Hate to Exercise" - The Solution

In last week’s blog I related a story about a thirty-something I heard talking in the elevator who said he “hated to exercise” but who did it anyway just to please his wife. 1,048 more words

Fit In 14

Sunday's Rose and Thorn - Weeks 50-51

If you’re doing a challenge along with us we’d love to know your rose and thorn as well.  Leave it in the comments or zip us an email.  341 more words

Exercise after 55 and Wright's Law

Have you ever heard of “Wright’s Law?” I found it in the Murphy’s Law 2014 Desk Calendar along with several other very profound insights. At any rate, Wright’s Law states that “Hard work pays off in the long run, but laziness pays off right now.” 454 more words

Healthy Eating

I Hate Bacon

I really don’t hate bacon. I really do hate trying to cook bacon for breakfast before I go to work, though. Bacon is too long to fit on the hot spot in my skillet. 389 more words