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Focused On Gaining Momentum

I need momentum.  I need a string of successes.  A kickstart.  A boost.

To be successful, one needs to plan ahead.  I’ve paid attention to people that have lost significant amounts of weight and they all have one thing in common.  423 more words


Tired and Bored

Over the last few weeks I have been struggerling to get out of bed. I thought i was overdooing it with meetings and AA work. Which is usuall for me. 501 more words


Changing habits: starlight walk

I find with making changes it’s better to do it slowly, one thing at a time. If I try and change a lot of things at once, they generally don’t last. 464 more words

Peaceful Parenting

Shedding Things That No Longer Have Value

After several months of off and on remodeling, 99.9% of the work is finished.  This weekend I’m focused on deep cleaning, rehanging artwork and photographs, once more displaying items that I love and, since it’s the season, decorating for the holidays. 311 more words

General Musings

Throw It Out World

Did you ever wonder how much food got thrown away back in the day when you had to grow it yourself? If you had to toil away in your summer garden to make sure that you had enough food to last through the winter, I would bet that you never prepared more at a meal than you could eat, and that everything that wasn’t used was put to some other good use. 583 more words


Its always there!

Throughout my AA journey I have been learning allot about myself, about my addiction but today for the first time I was reminded about my disease. 315 more words