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What do I cook for my kids now?

Kids. Notoriously finicky eaters.

And fickle – one day they like it, the next day they don’t. If you have more than one kid, one will like it and one won’t. 118 more words

Changing Diet

Changing Perceptions Through Diet

The word diet is derived from the Greek word, diaita meaning, ‘a way of life’ and the medieval latin dieta, meaning, ‘daily food allowance’. However, by the 14th century (according to the Oxford English Dictionary) the term was used to mean “Prescribed course of food, restricted in kind or limited in quantity, esp. 773 more words

Changing Habits

Honoring Ganesh, Part III

August 31, 2014

Honoring Ganesh, Part III

The third lesson in how Ganesh can help us remove obstacles from our path by guiding us to remove our inner obstacles has to do with our own behaviors.  727 more words


I am 8 days late to the party…but hey! Better late than never!

In South Africa, and I don’t know if they do it anywhere else in the world, we have Oct-Sober. 551 more words

Tea: revelation and revolution

Most of Brits don’t think twice about tea. It’s such a staple in our individual and collective make-up. Although coffee has come on leaps and bounds in this country, tea is still very much a fixture of life. 755 more words

The Pantry

Believing is seeing

Most of view ourselves as rational, so it makes sense to believe that we and others make or should make decisions based on logic and evidence. 141 more words

Dennis Sparks

Virtue: the modern version

Virtue.  It’s a word that seems somewhat old-fashioned, a bit of a throwback, with more than a whiff of nineteenth century moralizing to it.

These days we’re more pragmatic.   387 more words