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Words From The Very Wise Mr. Lincoln

I first “met” Abraham Lincoln during a reading I did for someone.  He continues to hang around me as an outer band guide, which means he can be a guide for many other people in physical.   342 more words

Channeled Messages

The Journey with the Master

I’m away for the week visiting my daughter in NYC, but wanted to share this post from one book in a series of four, from Eva Bell Werber.   398 more words

Personal Growth

Releasing The Old. Accepting The New.

The past couple of days I have been working on releasing some old emotions.  I thought that I had done all that I had to do regarding this, but apparently not. 346 more words

Channeled Messages

Kryon via Lee Carroll on Understanding Channeling & Metaphors [audio]

Thanks to Extraterrestrials.ning.com for sharing.

Here again we see the theme about believing we understand, only to find out the truth is something entirely different; that we were wrong. 2,174 more words

Channeled Messages

For As You Seek So Shall You Find

I’ve been enjoying my morning meditations, and when something like this flows out from a new group from “spirit”, my excitement grows even more.  Here is this morning’s channeled message from a group of the Great Masters.   337 more words

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Monty's Message for Sun. Feb. 23, 2014: Please Focus Your Energies for Mankind Now

This missive from Monty contains a directive we can all comply with if we so choose. Piece of cake—big rewards.  ~ BP

It is ten years since I passed to Spirit. 851 more words

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