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Thoroughly and Efficiently

             Astrologically speaking, we have some excitement on the horizon.  In less than a week we’ll have three planets retrograding at the same time.  So yeah, what potential! 324 more words

President Lincoln On Fear

I am currently writing a book on my channeled messages with President Lincoln. This one was on fear.  Here is an excerpt from the conversation that day. 260 more words

Personal Growth

A real fixer-upper.

             Get out your tool belts and construction equipment, today’s message is all about the DIY.  There was only one word that I woke up to.  And it was as clear as an energy efficient, double-insulted window replacement. 372 more words

Channeled Insights "Duet" Coming Up!

I am very happy to announce that Joy Regina Melchezidek and I will be sharing the deep wisdoms and insights for today’s world channeled from Morgan LeFay and Mary Magdalene’s mother, Mary the Elder, (respectively), as well as reading… 316 more words

The Third Mary