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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan - Stairway To Heaven - 19 April 2014

You have each walked into a stairway of questioning, of asking what is the next step of my journey, of my heart, of my mission. You stand at the top of the stairway to heaven, but it does not connect to anything that you can feel or see.  566 more words


Terri Newlon - Djwhal Khul - Holy Smokes! - 18 April 2014

Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. I was looking for a simple title for all of the occurrences this week and the only one I can come up with is “Holy Smokes!”. 324 more words


Video: Sandra Walter – The Resurrection Gateway

Note from Sandra: I created a (28-minute)video version of my last three articles (selected sections) for video lovers. Yes, the energy during and after the eclipse is intense. 2,279 more words


Selacia - Have A Breakthrough During April's Crossroads - 18 April 2014

Feeling edgy and out of sorts, or simply sensing that you’re on the edge of your seat about to make your next move?

If you’re experiencing either of these states right now, you are in good company. 1,051 more words


Gillian MacBeth-Louthan - You Hold The Magic Of Ever Changing Possibility - 18 April 2014

So many are still hanging on for dear life to what was and what should have been what could have been. Lets face it dear ones the tide lines have shifted and you can no longer sunbath upon the shores of the past.  350 more words


Nancy Tate - Wake Up Call - Horus - 17 April 2014


I am Horus and I am here once more to give you an update. There are going to be mass landings on the surface as soon as the clearance is final. 948 more words


Aisha North - A Short Update On The Energies - 17 April 2014

As many of you have already ascertained, this season is truly a season for change, and it is happening on multiple layers simultaneously. For as we have already stated in many previous messages, this is not a window dressing in any way, this is a profound and complete change, coming from the very core of your being and emanating further and further out within your sphere of influence. 820 more words