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(Video) Asket of Temmer, Pleiadian, via Maryann Rada: Pleiadians Now You Are Called

Asket of Temmer, Pleiadian: Pleiadians Now You Are Called, channeled by Maryann Rada, April 24, 2014, at http://timetransformers.wordpress.com

What does it mean to be Pleiadian? We as a people are in the process of discovering that for ourselves, not by merit of the placement of our sun but by the light that we are recognizing in ourselves and each other as something new, divine, and at our core, remembered. 28 more words


ZeroHedge - Hoisington On The End Of The Fed's (Mythical) "Wealth Effect" - 24 April 2014

Authored by Lacy Hunt and Van Hoisington of Hoisington Investment Management,

Hoisington Investment Management – Quarterly Review and Outlook, First Quarter 2014

Optimism at the FOMC… 39 more words


Selacia - Wesak Blessings For Your Ascension - 24 April 2014

What if during these moments of rare planetary lineups you could begin tapping a vast energy field of blessings to accelerate your ascension?

With this week’s challenging grand cross bringing to light what needs to change, you could feel like you are doing a juggling act about now – self reflecting about your own life and observing a world already in crisis get even crazier. 632 more words


Jamye Price - Weekly Lightblast - Knowing Is Real - 24 April 2014

As you learn to follow your heart, your mind first resists. You are not taught to value the mind in many ways, merely a portion of its capabilities. 418 more words


AWESOME Update from Kevin Annett, April 22, 2014


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I believe Kevin is a very powerful Angel. We may all be delighted and surprised once we are all awaken to find out who he really it.

THE EVENT & What ET'S Are Asking Of Us

“Sky” produces wonderful Youtube Videos sharing her profound messages from Lightbeings about life after we connect with our Galactic Family and Source.

Enlightenbeings is her Channel on Youtube and you may feel drawn to subscribe as I have. 34 more words


Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle: April 22, 2014

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update as received by Sheldan Nidle – April 22, 2014 – http://www.paoweb.com/sn042214.htm

7 Manik, 10 Kank’in, 10 Caban

Selamat Balik! 1,254 more words