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DL Zeta - Dreams And Eclipse Portals Transport Us To Future Life Tracks - 14 September 2014

We are approaching a period of accelerated and powerful energies with the upcoming fall/spring equinox, an eclipse series in October, and Mercury retrograde from October 4 to 26. 1,216 more words


Larry Larson - Twelve -Twelve Insight Journal - Think With Your Whole Body - 14 September 2014

How can we tune in for guidance like when we have a decision to make and we’re not sure?

Well, the first thing you have to do is to ask. 157 more words


"The Nuclear Truth About 9/11" Facebook Page... and Photos...

Somehow I feel very strongly to post this, especially after reading Jim Fetzer’s article about it. This is one of the most complete collections of 9-11 photos I’ve seen. 126 more words


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It is about time that all truth be told. So who could have done such a thing? Follow the money. WAKE UP THE SHEEP! Be blessed

A short update on the energies

The days may be growing shorter on one half of your planet, but the amount of light is ever increasing. So too today, as your wonderful benefactress the Sun will continue to send out her generous gifts of loving emissaries, all sent out to touch every heart on this planet. 651 more words


Wes Annac - Oversoul Teachings Q&As: Detached Lightwork And ‘The Event’ – Part 2/2 - 13 September 2014

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Concluded from Part 1

With this recommendation given, we’ll move on to our next question. 1,510 more words


Lisa Gawlas - Soul Fusion And The Living Field Of Creation - 13 September 2014

Wow, what big days we are in!!  What amazing moments of absolute clarity I had over and over again yesterday.  I pray I don’t forget to share a single thing today.   2,617 more words


~ARCTURIANS - The Illuminated Ones – Your Blueprint – Your Mission … and Update of what’s to come ~

The illuminated forces of your known world are rapidly moving artifacts into positions. The illuminated forces which are presently anchoring various informational decrees into the consciousness of your being are rewriting the history of that which has occurred. 1,980 more words