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Please Help Protect Organics....

Thanks to: http://www.thesleuthjournal.com

Here is an article and a ‘take action’ is included to stop GMO animal vaccines from being allowed in organics! They keep trying to get in through the back door of everything! 8 more words

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Okay dear hearts it is time to step up to the plate. Let your voices be heard. Please sign and share. The health of humanity and our animals are at state. Lets stop all Chemicals from being injected into our food, our animals, our children and our planet! Be blessed .

Gateway Opening October 23 - 25

Because this is timly information I felt it best to just share the link.

This is a wonderful inspirational video with our beautiful heart Sandra Walter. 25 more words


Dana Mrkich - More Flares - 23 October 2014

It was so good to have a great night’s sleep finally last night, but Mr Sun didn’t rest! Another X1 Flare followed by another M flare.  145 more words


YellowRoseForTexas: Ed's Big Freak out & More

Fans of YellowRoseForTexas, Rose covers a lot of material in this interview from October 11th, 2014. People will be stunned if even half of what she says is true. Amazing stuff! -LW

What's Happening On The Galactic Front

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More awakening is the fact that we are on a Flat Earth. I will post more about this soon. I kept having dreams that we are on a Spacecraft but we were somehow trapped in a Holladeck. I see light beings a lot now and see through the Matrix. The information here is amazing. Be blessed

Our New Dawn

When Life becomes busy
and outright nuts
the struggle begins to adjust
and then when we do settle down
what once was chaotic
becomes our “New Dawn”.

Photography/ “Our New Dawn” 2014©AmyRose


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Sophia Love - October 20th Update - Part II - 21 October 2014

? Regarding the following (fear based) email from Dr. Rima Laibow:

“Dr. Rima, is Ebola a hoax?”

Is Ebola a hoax? Absolutely not.

Is it killing people? 1,583 more words


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Great information worth reading and sharing. Be blessed

Monsanto Harvest-Resistant ''UNNATURALLY ALIEN'' GMO HYBRID Corn Now Engulfing Most Of Midwest





Corn growing through

Asphalt roadways and Airport Tarmacs… 703 more words


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Pour Tons of Salt and Vinegar or a blow torch will stop the spread. I suggest people rise up and file a Class Action Lawsuit against Monsanto for this monstrosity. HFCS is put into everything. It eats through your stomach walls causing all kinds of ill health. Grow your own food!