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The Bhirlach Project - Book 5, Bhirlach: Revenge

After the escape from Bhirlach and its destruction, Chalan had wandered around the Cruiser aimlessly; Gharzan couldn’t do anything to console her.
“Chalan you must try and rest while I work out a solution to our problems” 339 more words



I rise early in the presents of the darker side of my beliefs and realize this is only a part of me that remains as a new and ascending part of me becomes. 322 more words


The Bhirlach Project - Book 4, Bhirlach: To Defend & Attack

On Bhirlach, the base was now well established, Zydra had continued to analyse the samples from the decomposed remains found in the outbuilding at the back of Xenos. 836 more words


The Bhirlach Project - Book 3, Bhirlach: From The Beginning

The Ker’ha were gradually acclimatising to their existence on Bhirlach, Chalan was pleased there had been no problems. She accessed the Ker’ha System and linked to Mortaq’s space. 613 more words


Thoughts for the Future

I have so many things to write about but I just don’t seem to be able to get a big boost of inspiration for it all all at once…so I’m making this entry so I have list of these things that I wish to discuss so I don’t forget / you, reader, may find yourself intrigued: 168 more words

Personal Evolution

The Bhirlach Project - Book 2, Return To Bhirlach

Chalan’s first project as an Ancient had been successful…The Bhirlach Project had been published. Now it was down to the Humans on Earth to respond to the information. 363 more words


The Bhirlach Project - Book 1, The Project

‘The future never happens, tomorrow is the future, but tomorrow never comes. Then before we realise that today is our future, it is yesterday and history’ 309 more words