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“Hope, such hope. Fill yourself, your life, with hope. Become bountiful and rich. Hope transcends all things, it is mightier than the sword. To hope is to believe, is to dream, is to know.

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Religion And Spirituality


There are many ways that judgements are made and we are not always aware that we are making them.   In simple terms a judgement is a fixed idea about the world.   294 more words

Students Of Merlin

170 the first day of compassion

today is tricky because its 10 X 8 = working the infinite abundance but it´s also the 18th so we need the 9 of creativity to make it jell. 87 more words

What is Channeling?

There are many explanations and each differs in its interpretation. This is mine:

“Channeling is an intentional connection with a non-physical being who imparts knowledge, love and healing via a channel.” 390 more words


I am within all living things
I am the Voice that sings
I am the Shadow that is not faught
I am the shadow that cant be fought… 157 more words

asarah speaks

This is Asarah and we are here with you now and say to breathe deep for we are here with you now. Breathe deep for we come to you on your breath and say to use this as your tool to strengthen our connection. 648 more words


Feeling the Moon, Inspiration and Updating

Hey lovelies, loving the freedom to just come and give quick, randomly-themed Sara-updates – how lovely!

So today, have felt a lot going on energetically, hinted at LARGELY by being on the verge of a headache all day. 795 more words