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Why you really do NOT need to understand everything that happens. Words of wisdom from spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn for today.

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 It’s interesting how sometimes when you really need to hear something and uplift yourself with some messages…”randomly” stumbled across wisdom words present themselves to you. 611 more words


Mayan Messages - amazing Daily Guide to Self Empowerment - channelled wisdom words from outer space.

“You will find no doom and gloom prophecies here. You will only find hope, inspiration and encouragement.”

 I wrote about channelling before (for ex. here… 815 more words


SaLuSa, 7 November 2014

You MUST read this article from SaLuSa, as channelled through Mike Quincy,  has indicated that the time for human consciousness to rise is closer than we realize! 1,278 more words

~The Love that is your true nature can no longer be concealed~ John Smallman ~ November 4, 2014

Wonderful! This is a message from Jesus, as channelled through John Smallman. We haven’t heard much from John recently and it is good to hear the messages he receives from both Jesus and Saul. 1,429 more words

Kryon Through Lee Carrol~ The Light Has WON, The dark is running ~ November 4, 2014

Wow! Kryon comes to us, channelled through Lee Harris, to give us some bad news…the cabal is frightened by their imminent loss of control of Planet Earth and will do anything, and everything to survive! 66 more words

Writing with your soul

I was reading a book about the ten things that happen to you when you die . I’m on number two the tunnel. But number one is about your soul leaving your body and floating up above it. 298 more words



Since coming here to Egypt, my life has taken directions I did not expect, but should have. As I investigate my deeper beliefs and what I have created as a result of them I realise that old beliefs definitely still hold too much sway over my life.  658 more words

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