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Rebeval - Chantage

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Rebeval debut (Rebeval aka Dj Deep!)


Wordle #39 "Gold"

The clock skims

My anonymous chantage,

A stilettoed ghost branding

My every scheme.

The envelope sets aloof

Misshapen and sealed

Discreet and emblematic

A stunning contradiction. 116 more words



In the eerie silence of the brume

The second hand of a clock

Throbs in my temples

As I discreetly skim

The damning envelope

An emblem of chantage* 64 more words


Causerie nocturne #2 (Extorsion)

Moi- Bonne nuit, mon amour.

L’Enfant- Bonne nuit, maman. T’es ma meilleure.

Moi- Merci.

L’Enfant- J’vas te donner beaucoup d’argent si t’arrêtes de crier après moi.