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Chantix defense sought in murder trial


Chantix is medication that helps people stop smoking. Judging by research it does work. 44% of those who take it stop smoking. That may not seen like a big deal but cigarettes are more addictive than heroin. 163 more words

N Ovember U Niform T Ango S Ierra

A Wifely Body.

Last December, shortly after our spontaneous and rapid move to Covington, Georgia, my doctor put me on 20mg of Celexa daily, to deal with my anxiety and perhaps depression. 722 more words


Stop smoking: Week 3


     Hello lovely people! Honestly, I don’t have much of an update for last week! It sailed by with no smoking/smoker related complications. I didn’t have any urges or cravings. 224 more words


I Quit...Five Years Ago

Quitting is hard, isn’t it? I suppose I’ve had my fair share of quitting, though I think I may have been fired from more jobs that I quit. 501 more words

Men's Health

Struggle: Stop smoking (bonus post!)

That’s right. I’m going to be a quitter. You know something else? No one else knows it but you, the people reading this blog. I haven’t told anyone else in my life that I’m quitting smoking. 2,065 more words


This Is The New Best Way to Quit Smoking, Study Finds

Quitting smoking can be a frustrating challenge, and no single therapy works dramatically well. Nicotine replacement strategies – the patch, gum or lozenges—can help wean smokers off nicotine gradually, but… 412 more words