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Subaqueous volcanism: ocean vents and faulty climate models

WUWT reader Pethefin writes:

Finally someone addresses the really big elephant in the room: the ocean vents and their role in climate modelling:

I covered this possibility in a previous post:  …

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The Pacific may open a 'heat vent' which could release enough energy to cut the projected increase in global temperatures by two-thirds. This is good news for anyone worried about our future on this planet. However, these vents have not been included in climate models, as WUWT explains...

30 Days of “A Year of Living Your Yoga” — Day 24: Butterfly Effect, Chaos Theory

Welcome to Day 24 of my blog series based on Judith Hansen-Lasater’s “A Year of Living Your Yoga.”

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A Sound of Thunder By: Ray Bradbury

A Sound of Thunder came up on a list of “Must Read Short Stories”, and being that it’s summer, I gave it a shot. (I mean what else would I have done besides binge watch  172 more words

A Sound Of Thunder

Robots will not take your job...but they will change it!

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There is a lot of speculation about how entire industries will be replaced by our mechanical counterparts. According to this… 242 more words

Foundation's Triumph - David Brin (1999)

‘As for me, I am finished.’

With these words, a frail, dying Hari Seldon completes his life’s work. The old man has just recorded messages for the Time Vault of the First Foundation. 926 more words

Space Opera

Let Go, Let Flow

Words by Lisa Pearlman
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Chaos theorie en telepathie (1.2b)

Ik schrijf jullie deze uiteenzetting, omdat het me denk ik aardig gelukt is onder woorden te brengen wat ik wil zeggen, en in de eerste plaats omdat ik de eerste wil zijn die dit zo verwoordt! 1,221 more words

Mijn Theorie