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Schmetterlingseffekt (The Girl and the Butterfly)

The Butterfly effect is in essence a highly sensitive dependence on external conditions coined initially by Edward Lorenz. It is where a small change in one non-linear system can result in huge differences in latter stages. 1,331 more words

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a butterfly flaps his wings

changing everything


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Complex non-linear systems, or how a Typhoon in the Pacific drops six feet of snow on Buffalo

Like many of the greatest findings in human history, the science surrounding the ‘Butterfly’ effect was discovered by somewhat unintended consequences. In the early meteorologist Edward Lorenz was like many scientist at the time; fascinated by computers and the data pouring out of them. 783 more words

Mortality experiences

“Godbearn art thou? -Yes, I béo”. (Divine are we? -Yes, I am)

Oh, the immunity and power of our own darkness surrounding us, making us invincible.. 417 more words


Already going..

No one has ever asked to be dropped into this battle.. This war, this conflict.. Whatever you may want to call it. I’ve known the “truth” since I got reason.. 96 more words

It's complicated...

I catch the same train to work every morning. At least, I try to. I’m at the station at the same time every day, some mornings the platform is empty and the train is quiet and wonderful and a joy to travel on. 1,181 more words


Chaos is a friend of mine

Over 50 years ago, Edward Lorenz created an algorithmic computer weather model at MIT to try to provide accurate weather forecasts. During the winter of 1961, as recounted by James Gleick in… 788 more words

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