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Does Micro-indeterminism entail Macro-indeterminism?

A professor of mine, with whom I habitually disagree (much to his pretended ‘chagrin’ and our mutual amusement), has argued previously, and again recently, that even if indeterminism were true at the micro-level, for instance at the level of quantum mechanics, that would do nothing to make macro-determinism infeasible, where macro-determinism means something like: for every macro-physical event E, either (i) there is always exactly one macro-physical event E* from which E followed deterministically, or at least (ii) E, if it is not preceded by any physical events, deterministically entails all proceeding macro-physical events. 3,164 more words


Time to Rightsize the Grid?

Last week a team of systems scientists known for counter-intuitive insights on power grids delivered a fresh one that questions one of the tenets of grid design: bigger grids, they argue, may not make for better grids. 635 more words

Power Grids

The Pretty: OUR BROKEN SKY Cover and Teaser

I’m so excited to reveal the cover for OUR BROKEN SKY today! (Add to Goodreads!)

This novella means so much to me. Throughout the course of writing THE WICKED WE HAVE DONE, Valerie’s voice was so vibrant and easy to write. 627 more words

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Reading Nietzsche: The Illusion of Free Will

A correlation exists between people’s desire to punish and their belief in free will, according to this report. Countries with the highest homicide rates also tend to have larger percentages of their populations who respond in the affirmative to survey questions about having control over one’s behavior and circumstance. 377 more words

Food for Thought-3 Leadership Lessons from Chaos Theory

Do you remember Jeff Goldblum as the enigmatic Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park and the Lost World?  He had all the best lines in the first movie and was the star of the third.  450 more words

Food For Thought

Book 7: Coping With Chaos

Here is book 7 in the #EmptyShelf Challenge! I’ve been looking forward to reading this because it is about one of my favorite topics: chaos theory. 289 more words

Leading Organizations

A Few Questions about Chaos Theory from Annex Theatre

Annex Theatre sent me some questions regarding Chaos Theory – a play seeking order. Here’s some of the  endearing snark I served up.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 617 more words