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Scared of Chaos

While volunteering for my Foundations of Special Education class this semester at a middle school in Largo, Florida, I was able to gain insight to various classrooms and situations. 1,174 more words

Gods in Fiction: why they are chessboards and not queens

Gods are a mainstay in fiction but their uses in narrative are various and they must often be constrained or limited in order to be effective characters or components of the fictional world. 1,470 more words


I think my first attempt was good. But three years is three years, and it needed a reboot. This is a powerful tool, the ‘Blog’, and I wanted to make the most of it when I started. 826 more words



Lately, I feel like the universe has been testing me. Testing me, mostly, to figure out a way to not internalize chaos, even when it is overwhelming. 314 more words

I Do Not Support Zoos

Learn more about Jo-Anne McArthur’s project “We Animals”, which is, and I quote her Facebook Page:

“We Animals is an archive of photos and stories about the relationships between human and non-human animals. 136 more words


Delightful Nugget of Wisdom

I heard the following at bible class tonight and it resonated with me. I thought it was only fitting that I share with you all. 50 more words