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570: Signs of Life by Ricard Sole and Brian Goodwin

570: Sole, Ricard and Brian Goodwin. Signs of Life: How Complexity Pervades Biology. New York: Basic Books, 2000. 303 pp. ISBN 0-465-01927-7.

Dewey Breakdown: 203 more words


The Iron Gates of Havoc

At the hoisted day
Stomach’s churned
In the permeating oil
Salt air and salvos

The sputtering engines
Grew to their murderous drone
Wading steadily
For the iron gates of havoc… 33 more words



Sometimes I can see

how the pain of the world

is simply part of it all


like pus from a wound

The chaos aligns… 112 more words


Twiistd Chaos

I’ve been dabbling to with art to keep mind busy when I’m not writing.. Been having fun with it too.. Although poetry will always be my main squeeze I started the wave back in February.. 102 more words

The Great Awakening – Clash of Civilizations

This is another very good post from Zen Gardner who approaches circumstances from a philosophical, yet spiritual, point of view. Kind of like a “thinking man’s” opinion. 1,220 more words

Half Sweet Home

These last two days were complete chaos. When I say chaos, I mean really crazy things were happening. My roommate, who I didn’t choose to live with by the way, is a partier. 358 more words