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Spread your matricide thighs

Mother Superior hellgate mouth, sorrows

swing from your triggers

toes curled around hot coals, crucifix

asphyxiated in the rampart

of your cleavage… 69 more words


I'm NOT super Mom!

What’s for dinner? What did you do today? Is the house clean? What are we doing tomorrow? Did you pick up my shirt from the cleaners? 1,445 more words



Every waking decision
Is required to create
And build upon the past.

Perhaps a rebellious
Heart lashes within
This whitewashed cage.

But now and again… 6 more words


Palms up bleeding

celebratory, holler obloquies

into the most hallowed fount

ever smashed, perfervid

monk perverse mage

mystic gigolo soliciting

wet dreams driven mad

into the swell of the sea shifting… 58 more words


Back on the radio

Radio is still the most immediate medium for entertainment.

WHAT? So YouTwitFace isn’t as immediate?

Well, unless you have your nose pressed to a pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone screen 24/7, it is. 322 more words


Time Magazine has Lost Its Mind

In TIME magazine, Camille Paglia argues for lowering the drinking age in the United States.

Reality argues that Camille Paglia has perhaps lost her mind. 93 more words

Creative Writing

The Butterfly Effect

For those poems that you write to me,
measure each word each space, each
sentence they carry, as they pierce
my heart and then live inside like seeds… 302 more words