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Halfway along our life’s path, I found myself within a dark city. A city all too familiar, for it was my home city, but one which appeared dark and shadowy to me all the same. 334 more words


Nerd Chronicles Beginning Redo

Right now I’m trying to figure out how to begin my latest project. My first attempt got the ball rolling but didn’t achieve what I wanted. 1,770 more words

When I met you in the summer, Chapter 1: Beginnings.

By Cassandra Ashleigh Yan

When I met you in the summer, it was a new beginning; for you, for me, and for everyone else. Life phasing, I’d’ve never thought everything would be that different. 22 more words


Y. (Chapter 1 Teaser)

Ah! This weekend has been so busy with tests, papers, and running errands before starting the next work week that my daily posts have been a bit neglected. 1,566 more words

Creative Writing

Trouble Seems to Follow (Kate Almir Serialized Novel) Chapter 1 part 1

The sound of his footsteps echoed down the deserted corridor, their lonely tune matching the depression and desperation in his heart. Five years and three hundred million credits and he were reduced to hoping that a nineteen year old girl could succeed where others failed. 190 more words

Science Fiction

Chapter 1, Part 1 - EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW

OK… here it goes. Here is the latest version of the first part of chapter 1 of my upcoming debut novel, Exquisite Pain. I would absolutely love to hear feedback; both positive comments and constructive feedback is welcome. 840 more words


Chapter 1: Part 1: The shadows in the mist.

I’m not the only one. Or so I hoped anyway… There has to be someone other than me existing. There are signs everywhere… Well its not like I can see them anyway. 219 more words

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