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Chapter 1

Clean Up

The hot jets of water hit his body hard, massaging out the tension as they kneaded into his skin with intensity not many could take. Rivets of water stained black ran down his chest and back, leaving sooty paths in their wake. 468 more words


What to do with the characters....

I am sure all of us writers have this problem.  We are constantly creating characters to interact with the our main character, our protagonist as the technical ones would say.  407 more words

Writing Process

Maverick, PI

The mountains stretched before Template Redhead like they’d been pixelated and then zoomed in. It was beautiful; from every direction rolled the characteristic peaks and troughs of the Black Mountains, dimly lit in the oddly grey-filtered afternoon sun of midwinter. 1,007 more words

Original Writing

Reflections: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 in the BlendKit2014 course reaffirmed a lot of ideas for me, in addition to narrowing the points I’d like to emphasize with faculty in regards to designing online courses. 271 more words


[O-G] The Wedding Breaker (Chapter 1)

#1 Hỗn loạn xảy ra.

Taeyeon đưa tay chỉnh lại chiếc đầm rồi nhìn vào gương một lần nữa. Một nụ cười mãn nguyện xuất hiện từ đôi môi nhỏ mà bất cứ ai cũng muốn được hôn lấy khi cô ấy hài lòng với vẻ ngoài của mình. 2,188 more words



John stood bolt upright with his hands clasped behind his back, staring at something over his father’s head. It had been a long time since he had been summoned to the man’s office, but he had had all afternoon to brace himself for the oncoming storm. 450 more words