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I'll be back soon

I know that I don’t have to inform any of my followers of the reasons for my absence or absences but I will return soon. Once I deal with this lovely thing we call life I’ll be back to write of my thoughts and experiences these last couple of weeks, well ten days.
Write to y’all soon.

Chapter 1

New Comic Up!

Looks like the art style changes depending upon how much I drink. Question is, which were drawn drunk and which sober? Who knows!

A new day and a new comic thusly: … 11 more words


"Adventures In Darkness" By Tom Sullivan

In the book, “Adventures In Darkness” by Tom Sullivan, the author begins his memoir with excitement. The main characters which start the book are three boys named Tommy, Ernie, and Jerry. 173 more words


Adventure in Darkness Ch.1 Summary

The story of Adventures in the  Darkness chapter one is was about the adventure that the three children had. Tommy is the main character that arranged the dangerous plan to escape what they called prison and he also convinced Jerry to come along since he was the only one who  and complained that they would get caught along with being punished. 199 more words


What is Accounting?

From Chapter 1, We’ve learned what accounting is, such as accounting system, types of business, forms of business ownership, categories of accounting work, accounting cycle,etc. A working knowledge of accounting is an advantage in daily life, there are also a large number of jobs require training and experience, they offer higher salaries. 39 more words

Chapter 1

Here's How to Become a 401k Millionaire

“If your job offers you a 401k or similar retirement plan, you’ve got one of the very best investment tools at your disposal.”

To become a 401k millionaire, all you need is a paycheck, reasonable options in your retirement plan, and time.  227 more words