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MDSG Chap 2: Pills and Prayers

As soon as Betsy turned her cell phone on after church, she knew she wouldn’t be seeing Hank and the kids. The beep of the voicemail was all she needed. 1,976 more words

The Magnificent Disruption Of Shady Grove

The Epilogue of Chapter 2: The Final Key of Utopia

Chapter 2 (Al-Baqarah) is the longest chapter in Quran with 286 verses. As far as our breakdown goes, there are sixteen sections along with a preamble (Vs 1-20) and the subject of this essay, the epilogue (Vs 284-286). 468 more words


Chapter Two: Past Loves (Part 2)

“Mind sharing the tale?”

She asked him.

“Maybe, I shouldn’t. There is a reason why you are still talking to me and maybe that is it. 511 more words

My Life

Chapter 2: The Importance of Homework

The house was no better kept than any other house in the wastes. The walls were a patchwork of old woodwork and metal plates welded together where the original construction had not endured the harsh test of time. 1,871 more words


[O-G] Marriage With Benefits (Chapter 2)

Sehun nằm im lặng trên chiếc giường mềm mại, ngẩn người nhìn lên chùm đèn trên trần nhà trắng tinh. Tâm trí cậu đã bay đi đâu mất và thậm chí cậu còn chẳng thèm nhắm mắt để ngủ sau một đêm dài. 4,332 more words



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“Some things scratch the surface while others strike at your soul.” …

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The Radio

While Tessa works in The Little Bean coffee shop, she listens to the radio. It’s not by choice. The dusty radio has sat on the far side of the shop, with its dials constantly tweaked by the coffee-drinking patrons. 512 more words