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What is your Personal Savings Rate?

The average personal savings, as a percentage of income, in the United States, has averaged about five percent.  To calculate your own personal savings rate, take these steps: 135 more words

Financial Planning

Thursdays With Ashok - Lessons 14 - 16

Dear all,

Lessons 14 – 16 have now been uploaded to our website :)

Click here for the links :)

This coming Thursday, we will be finishing up the last few verses in Chapter 2, and Bro. 21 more words

Ninja roll, roundhouse kick the first thing you see, then scope out your surroundings

From the corner of your eye, you spot something move. Naturally, your first instinct is to roundhouse kick it. You roll and kick what turns out to be a samurai in full armour. 50 more words

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Well loyal readers, here for what it’s worth, is my continuing saga.   I’m still plugging away at it, although I think it’s changed direction approximately 28 times.   2,662 more words


A Propos of yesterday's video discussion...

I know that for a lot of you, the video we watched in class yesterday was difficult. Perhaps you have been the victim of verbal assaults by others for your race, ethnicity, orientation, or some other factor, whether legitimately or merely perceived. 113 more words

2.3 - How to Make the Groom Feel Special

Assignment: Chapter 2 – Objective 3

Happy Monday dears!

Today I’m posting the third assignment for Chapter 2 which is to list 10 ways to make the groom feel special on the wedding day or during the planning process. 45 more words

Certified Wedding And Event Planner

Break those floor boards ninja style and emerge through to the next floor like a zombie from the grave ready to continue your mission of chaos and destruction

You swing your legs down and around to the other side of the pulley. The combination of your momentum and your ninja leg weapons breaks the floorboards easily. 77 more words

Chapter 2