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Cover him up then look out the door

Pulling up the sheet as far as it will go, you cover the evidence. Perfect. If nobody looks at the head to see that it is backwards, they will be none the wiser. 58 more words

Chapter 2

Space Saga - Chapter 2 - Test Pilot

Grod began to feel a sense of anxiety slowly washing over him as he hurried his little feet towards Bay 13. The strangest sensation told him his feet wanted to stop and turn back but his sense of duty kept pushing him further towards the cargo hold. 322 more words


An Honest Feelings - Finale

Title : An Honest Feelings

Type : POV Series, One Shot, Mini Series

Genre : Drama, Family, Hurt/Comfort, Love/Hate

Rating : Parental Guidance Suggested (PG) 2,903 more words


The Two Stages in Social Evolution in Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is the largest chapter in Quran with 286 verses. This chapter can be divided into sixteen different sections along with a preamble and a closing, making it eighteen sections altogether. 630 more words

Chapter 2


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“In one moment I was feeling everything and I was feeling nothing.” …

4,076 more words

Snap his neck...

You are annoyed at being denied your nap and are sick of this small side-story. You also need to get back to the mission at hand. 39 more words

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - It is true, as the Christians have said. The meek, indeed, shall inherit the earth.


There is an ancient art among our people, one we all practice eloquently but are never taught. It is the art of saving face. There is nothing so dishonorable as humiliation, and there is nothing so crass as causing it to others. 1,126 more words

Chapter 2