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Chapter 2, part 1 (novel)

It was Sunday, 1pm, when the doorbell rang. “That must be Jen. Nice and early.”

Trudy answered the door, happy to see her friend again. 2,149 more words


Married and Dating? It's Not What You Think!

Widowhood has a unique set of challenges in today’s society.

Being a widow means that your marriage ended without either of you making the choice to end it. 1,572 more words

Widowed Life

Photoshoot based on Storm Thorgerson and Laura Williams

Here is a photoshoot based on Storm Thorgerson and Laura Williams, trying to mix both of their different styles together, however to achieve the more abstract work of Thorgerson I will have to use Photoshop to merge more than one image together. 87 more words

A Level

Enter Courtney

Summer of 2002

“Hip hip hooray. Hip hip hooray!” Robbie said as he tailed the others into the chapter 2 house.

He walked to the rec room where Spencer asked, “Drinks?” Sam smiled and nodded her head. 826 more words

Chapter 2

Considerations of Parenthood

Chapter 2, Section 2:

Considerations of Parenthood

Many prospective parents must decide whether to give up and outside of the home job to stay at home with their children. 311 more words

Unit 1

Drop a lethal ninja gas bomb from your ninja butt half way up those stairs. When a soldier walks thru it they will pass out and fall down the stairs. Or just break a window open or something

Since you are out of sleeping bombs and smoke bombs, you try to manufacture one of your own. You climb a couple of stairs and compel your body to produce a noxious gas. 128 more words

Chapter 2