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That Is Why It Lasts Forever

 When people see some things as beautiful,
other things become ugly.
When people see some things as good,
other things become bad.

Being and non-being creat each other. 77 more words

"Elene on the Run" - Chapter 2

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What am I going to do, ah? I don’ know this place, the people here… I should just go back…  1,590 more words

(Short story) "NO FARE" Chapter 2 The Second Night....Squeal like a Raven.

Shit, shit, shit! Fucking late?! Almost dark out already? Shoes, shoes, there! Alright, coat, coat, there it is, now tobacco, tobacco, cigar? Why do I have a cigar? 3,296 more words

It actually just ended: Week 2, Chapter 2!

So in order to see how much I remembered from last fall, I decided to take the Chapter 2 Quiz without using any notes or my text. 249 more words

Web Programming

Proportional Reasoning: 2.3 in the Math Textbook

If you want to find out the size of your snowboard, you would use Proportional Reasoning to figure out the length based on your shoe size, height and weight. 36 more words

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Thoughts

The start of chapter 2 brings up three questions that teachers must consider before teaching a lesson to their classes.  It is imperative that you write out the learning objectives so that you can consider these questions: 391 more words

Can't Back Down! Chapter 2


When I get home that weekend, I sit back on the bed and let shit hit the fan. Day after day I go to the school and do my best to hold my own. 1,013 more words