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The Extraordinary Journal of Jack Average entry 2

I feel rude not having introduced myself. My name is Jack. I have a wife I don’t deserve named Julie. I call her Jules because to me she is like a jewel sitting in a jar of pennies. 615 more words

Hell in a Handcart - Chapter two

Chapter two: A wolf in sheep’s clothing

Mae shared her workspace, a meeting room with a gigantic table in the middle, with three other interns. They also came from the same university of applied science and had the same major. 885 more words


Igniting My Passion for “Something Good”

By Karen Singer

Anticipating turning 50 and dropping my youngest at college, all in the same week, got my head swirling about 16 months in advance of the actual reality. 882 more words


Starlight Rust: Chapter Two

I am still.

I move an inch and feel my body in pain. I am laying on my back, arms by my sides and the weight of the world on my chest, with the pain of the world in my head. 844 more words


The 9th Victim - Chapter Two: In the Basement

Chapter Two: In the Basement

The camera clicks resounded in the near empty basement, bouncing off pipes and giving off an eerie echo. Each flash of the camera was a spotlight on every piece of Evidence (capital E) as Will Breuker worked his way around the room with a detached manor. 992 more words


"Sere from the Green" Chapter Two Commentary


Also, it will make way more sense if you’ve already read the novel.  And I use a lot of salty language (because I swear like a fucking lady!). 3,114 more words


Not Taking Part in NaNoWriMo, and New FT Revisions

Still alive.

Just been in the middle of paperwork, moving (again), and watching old movies and public television while working on portfolios for workshopping (which I’ll make a post about once it’s over, detailing my take on the pros and cons). 3,260 more words