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Sneak Peek: Chapter 7 - "Appropriate attire for international travel."

Wherever they’d landed, it was cold. Like sno-cones in the arctic cold. The small aircraft didn’t seem to have much by way of insulation, and they’d managed to haul her off wearing only Jami’s t-shirt and a sheer lace thong and bra. 286 more words


Chapter 0.8: Foe not Friend

Chapter 0.8: Foe not Friend

Mint, that painting is… eh… mint?

Mint: It is by Mint you moron! It’s not of myself!

No, its not that its of… nevermind… 912 more words


Chapter 0.7: Break a Leg

Chapter 0.7: Break a Leg

We begin this chapter with Belgian reading a romance novel.

Draft: No it’s not!

Sure, whatever.

Dutch: Sure it is. I can see the kissy couple from here! 958 more words




Hey you, you know those people that fell back, years behind you? The laggers that– yeah, you know the ones. Well, they’re catching you now. 113 more words


Preliminary Task Scenario

A lone gangster walks through a dark and narrow corridor, briefcase in hand with a stern expression of disgust on his face, almost like he was put up to the task. 234 more words


For Seventh Heaven Chapter 1

Cho Kyu-Hyun ~ Kim Soo-Eun (OC)

For Seventh Heaven

Hujan. Kyu-Hyun mendengus. Ia menatap langit dengan sebal. Memang, sekitar tiga jam yang lalu—saat jam istirahat tepatnya—ia sempat berharap hari ini akan turun hujan. 4,352 more words


You're Mine Part 3

Tittle : You’re Mine Part 3

Author : Lee Hyera

Cast :

  • Lee Hyera
  • Cho Kyuhyun
  • And Other’s Cast Find by Yourself

Genre : Romance… 2,843 more words

Cho Kyuhyun