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Sorority Life: Three Things No One Ever Told You About Being In A Sorority

I love being in a sorority. Don’t get me wrong about that. This post is looking at some of the negatives I didn’t except about being a part of this. 497 more words

Chapter 3: Versus Tornado Jounen

“I will kill all three of you and then I will take the two sharingan eyes of the Uchiha girl!”

“Wind-style wind-vortex jutsu!”

A violent and fast whirlpool of air started to form in front of Jounen, and it began to gather soil, rocks, and dust from the ground very quickly. 3,208 more words

Earth Sage Of The Leaf

Don't Leave Me, Part 5

YoonWon Fanfiction


Don’t Leave Me

Part 5


Presented by Alfiani Vinc


Choi Siwon

Im Yoona

Lee Donghae

Kwon Yuri 3,822 more words

Im Yoona


Title                       : HURT

Author                  : NeulChan

Genre                   : Sad, Romance

Length                  : Chapter1

Rating                   : PG – 15 (bisa bertambah sewaktu waktu)

Awesome Art BY :   1,134 more words


Chapter 27

Chapter Twenty-Seven.

I had waited up for a couple of hours for my mum to return home.  But when it got to eleven I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open.  2,046 more words

Harry Styles

Chapter 26

Chapter Twenty-Six.

Bo’s POV

I couldn’t help but giggle against Harry’s lips as he groaned.  The ringing of his phone echoing round the quiet car. 1,410 more words

Harry Styles


Title            :Nice Girl

Author       : Seori

Gentre        : Romance dll

Length       : Chapter

Cast            :

- Seo Joo Hyun as Kim Seohyun/Jung Seohyun

- Cho Kyuhyun as Cho Kyuhyun… 2,666 more words