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Princess Attah who gives birth to the children in my novel, Harem Twins, reveals her journey to Egypt.

Princess Attah who gives birth to the children in my novel, Harem Twins, reveals her journey to Egypt.

Mitanni Kingdom 1500 BC (Within the Babylonian Empire) 1,617 more words


New Beginning

I’ve almost completely settled into my new apartment and could not be happier! :-) When I first started this website in April 2012, I was living in a one bedroom apartment with my younger sibling and elderly grandparents in a not-so-great neighborhood. 196 more words


Salty Storm: The Secretive Mermaid

The woman scowled at me. “My name or my race? I’m a very busy woman.”

“Um… both.”

“You may know me as… what you call a mermaid. 456 more words


JK Rowling Hates You All (for junkee.com)

Where I drop numerous Harry Potter references and sling up some gif news. Here for junkee.com.

Pop Culture

Fate (History Long Version)

Kyuhyun menikmati terpaan angin di wajahnya. Laki-laki itu memejamkan matanya -benar-benar menikmati situasi seperti saat ini. Situasi yang jauh dari kebisingan teriakan-teriakan para penggemarnya. Situasi yang jauh dari kilatan-kilatan dari blitz kamera, jauh dari teriakan manajer hyung-nya, jauh dari jadwal yang sangat padat yang kadang membuatnya muak. 2,414 more words


Chapter 19: Week 17- Ridiculously white

One of the things that encouraged me to take up cooking professionally was Anthony Bourdain’s book ‘Cooking Confidential’. I enjoyed his swashbuckling stories and formulated a plan to learn to cook and travel the world, mixing it up with fellow kitchen workers from Mexico to Mauritius, living out of a suitcase, three months here, a week there…But then this was at a point in my life where I’d declared that I had only two ambitions: either to become a pirate (which I rejected when I realised that having a leg amputated was a pretty permanent career move) or to pick a fist fight with a clown. 1,686 more words


The Perfect Chapter

A question I see quite often on writers’ forums is that of the perfect chapter, or to be more exact, the question of what the perfect chapter looks like. 508 more words