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Rejected and alone I was
Rejected and alone I was
Chapter after chapter
Page after page
Rejected and alone I was

Left unknown, misunderstood
Silent, unreasoned, unexplained… 60 more words


Chapter 3

“Do you think we’ll win this?”

She sounded a little concerned but her facial features held no expression that would betray any true emotion inside. 1,121 more words



Words in chronological order
Separated, quite meaningless
But read in one
Syllables attached
To rid all what has been written
The book emptied
The pages torn out… 29 more words


Fellow, Scholars, & Profiles, July 2014

The University of Notre Dame has announced that John J. Uhran Jr., Ph.D., senior associate dean emeritus and professor emeritus, has been named a fellow of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). 254 more words

Engineering FYI

How Long Should Your Chapters Be?

How Long Should Your Chapters Be?

by: Ronovan

Pick up any two books you have and you’ll likely find they vary in chapter length. Each author has their own style and preference. 481 more words


melaniedawnn reblogged this on Musings by Melanie Dawnn and commented:

This is a good guide on chapter length. Some authors that I have read will have 30+ chapters, but they are short. Others maybe 12-14, but many pages. I admit that with the latter, there have been some booksI'be read that should have broken up some chapters. I found myself feeling like I'd never get to the end or the point of the chapter. Not a good thing an author wants to hear from a reader.

Chapters- July 20, 2014-The Laundromat

We are experiencing plumbing problems in the little white house. A parade of contractors has invaded our time and space as they evaluate the problem and then refer us to a larger contractor. 418 more words


Black Shadow - Page 5

Setelah perjuangan panjang Kyuhyun untuk membujuk Ryeowook agar mau tinggal bersama dirumahnya berhasil, beberapa hari kemudian ia mendatangi rumah kecil Henry untuk menjemput lelaki yang menjadi incarannya tersebut.