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Dirty Hands

So, I’m currently trudging through the pages of a phenomenal book. One of those books that slaps you in the face on just about every single page.  819 more words


Back in the Saddle

Monday (w/b 14th July )

A day spent feeling utterly wasted and horrifically bruised (thanks to a weekend away LARPing).  Spent it trying to stay awake, failing and then around 3pm plonked myself in front of the keyboard to start writing a paper I’ve got a deadline for this Friday…to discover my supervisor wants a meeting.   1,073 more words

PhD Year 2


Ran the first three chapters of The Ravenwyng Chronicles Volume 1 through the Hemingway App, making changes that the program suggested. Then copy and pasted each chapter into separate word docs to later copy into yWriter. 20 more words


Chapter 23: "Elmer Gantry" by Sinclair Lewis

 Sinclair Lewis has written an ultimate “good vs. evil” novel about a popular, charismatic Christian evangelist who hypocritically pursues corrupt sexual exploitation and drunken self-indulgence.  As a spiritual person I understand that we all embrace both faith and doubt in our personal journeys but Lewis has moved beyond such nuance to give us a despicable, meglomaniacal character who acts in the name of God. 319 more words


Si apoi ...

la început, cuvintele-au plecat; 
doar privirea  limbă ne era… 
dar timpul peste noi s-a aplecat 
și apoi s-a așternut tăcerea.

viața are suflet sec, de curvă;  83 more words


Profiles in Engineering, July 2014

The Washington Post recently profiled Thomas J. Burns, Ph.D. (OH G ’86), as he was recently chosen as president and chief executive at ENSCO, a Virginia-based defense, transportation, aerospace and intelligence company. 346 more words

Engineering FYI