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Characters are patterns. Every line of dialogue should make that pattern more clear.

Some old screenwriting advice: give characters distinct voices. You should be able to read a line without dialogue attribution and know who said it.

Practical example: If I made a list of great George lines, Jerry lines, Elaine lines and Kramer lines, you could probably tell whose was whose. 311 more words


DayBreaks for 7/29/14 - What God Was Looking For in Eden

DayBreaks for 7/29/14 – What God Was Looking for In Eden

Galen is traveling through 8/5/14…new DayBreaks will resume after he returns. 

From the DayBreaks archive, 7/21/2004: 814 more words

Old Testament

Have you ever stopped to think whether what you are doing is the most important thing you could be doing?

Part of the great collapse of Israel that Isaiah laments throughout chapter 5 of his prophecy, was a grand adventure of misdirection. They had given attention to what was very obviously secondary issues whilst at the same time, losing touch of the primary ones. 612 more words

Personal Growth

What is my comfort zone and how can I get out of it? (Part four)

I came across these rather provocative words by the poet Walter D. Wintle recently.

If you think you are beaten, you are;
if you think you dare not, you don’t.
533 more words

Personal Growth

★ Thought for the Day - Are you Lukewarm? ★  

Mediocrity has to be one of my biggest pet peeves, it frustrates me beyond words because I can’t understand why anyone would settle for anything less than excellence. 119 more words

What is my comfort zone and how can I get out of it? (Part three)

Where do we begin in our attempt to disgruntle a comfort zone?

Perhaps a start might be to ask where it is we feel discomfort. Where does life become difficult? 548 more words

Personal Growth

DayBreaks for 7/25/14 - Medals of Honor

DayBreaks for 7/25/14 – Medals of Honor

From the DayBreaks archive, 7/24/2004:

John 20:26-28 (NLT)  Eight days later the disciples were together again, and this time Thomas was with them. 762 more words

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