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DayBreaks for 7/21/14 - The Purpose of Spit

DayBreaks for 7/21/14 – The Purpose of Spit

He ordered Jesus flogged with a lead-tipped whip, then turned him over to the Roman soldiers to crucify him. 559 more words

Christian Illustrations

Why is it so hard to wait for anything?

Why is waiting such a curse?
We have developed a culture distinctly allergic to having to wait for anything.

We slump when we see the post office queue… 535 more words

Personal Growth

★ Thought for the Day - Got Values? ★

Values are an integral part of “who you are.”  I love this Dilbert comic strip because it is clear that the management have none, and that their whole reasoning behind establishing company values is not really to empower the employees, but to eliminate raise requests. 151 more words


Name; Darcy Nightingale
Nicknames; None
Race; Human, Normal
Age; Seventeen
Sex; Male
Hair Colour; Black
Eye colour; Green
Weapon; Acerbic wit and exasperation

Human in every sense of the word, Darcy was born in the city of Eunbaile to Marceline and Christen Nightingale. 165 more words


The Daddy Review

Samuel did something that we as fathers should do, he inquired of the people if they had any complaints to bring before him.  He wanted to know if he had cheated them, stolen from anyone, or made any bribes.  437 more words

Family Life

How important are the things we regret? (Part two)

Yesterday I reflected on regret, and asked the question as to whether or not the things we regret are really worth the emotional energy. Whether we have a tendency to regret the less important things while giving no thought at all to those things that hold a much deeper and richer meaning. 369 more words

Personal Growth

★ Thought for the Day - What Defines You? ★    

Last night we rented from Redbox, “The Lego Movie” with the kids and it was great the second time around!  Besides cuddling with my 10 year daughter who was thrilled when I came home with the DVD, it is so good.   471 more words