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You are stronger and more equipped than you realise.

Sometimes the more telling and formational question in matters of ones life and growth, is not “what do I need?” but rather, “what do I already have?” 452 more words

Personal Growth

Gratitude and Attitude

So much of how we experience life has to do with our attitudes about people and situations.  If we approach life with a negative attitude and expectations, then we’re probably going to have more negative experiences.   454 more words



Cinderella would be so pleased to be asked to attend your child’s party!

Please contact the Fairy Godmother at the castle to be sure she has no conflicting royal balls to attend.


DayBreaks for 10/14/14 - Faith Walking #2

DayBreaks for 10/14/14 – Faith Walking #2

There is a very strange passage that is interspersed between the entry into the Promised Land and the attack on Jericho.  585 more words

Old Testament

Introducing Takamaru

“The Ninja/Samurai Hybrid cuts his way using Mystical Techniques!”

Takamaru is an extremely quick that can quickly close gaps between himself and his foes while executing blinding fast sword strikes.  102 more words


Introducing Inkling

“Inkling brings her A-game to the battle with her Ink Guns and Ammo.”

Inkling has several unique abilities besides firing ink out of her guns.  She has a wide variety of guns and ammo has her disposal that can be use if various situations.  100 more words