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English 10R: Characterization Posters and Evidence-Based Claims

So far, whenever I have approached students about forming and making a claim about text, we have used the Odell Education Forming Evidence-Based Claims forms as our graphic organizer. 550 more words


Agent Peggy Carter & Sarah Jane Smith: So Awesome They Got Their Own Show (Pt. 2)

Last week, we started exploring the similarities between Marvel’s Peggy Carter and Doctor Who‘s Sarah Jane Smith, in terms of their roles as supporting and leading ladies. 1,836 more words


All About Severus Snape + New Post Series

Hello everybody! I haven’t done many Harry Potter posts, and I’ve been missing writing about the series, so I’ve decided to start a new series. Every time a Harry Potter character with a known birthday has their birthday on a Tuesday or Friday, I will have a post about that character. 669 more words

Harry Potter

The Reformation of Discord: A Utilitarian Story - Part II

In Part I of this two part exploration of Discord’s reformation, I drew upon utilitarian philosopher Henry Sidgwick to argue that Discord’s reformation could be viewed as a story of the conflict between egoism and utilitarian ethics. 2,628 more words


At Last! Last Christmas

This year the holiday monster didn’t just eat my homework, it ate my entire life! Thanskgiving through New Year’s has been absolutely nuts. So, no writing and no posting for me. 1,175 more words

Doctor Who