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Character Analysis: Kazashiro Miu's role as "Queen".

This summer I did a ot of walking down by the beach. While walking, I often gave al to of consideration to character analysis and writing. 827 more words

Character Analysis

Creative Process(ing) 24

The character analysis of my main storybook character has gone from sketchy to detailed. She is a mystery unfolding, as I continue to learn about her. 22 more words

Character Questionnaire - The Preachers Son

Here are the instructions I followed for this post. It is about the protagonist or hero.

Answer these questions as quickly as possible, writing down the first thing that comes into your mind? 1,195 more words


Character Analysis: Gentaro & Friendship

I feel pretty strongly on the subject of Gentaro and making friends. Gentro’s way of doing things is rough, shouldn’t work on everyone, and that many of these people he ended up forgetting about after he helped them, but everyone that Gentaro saved was someone who wanted help. 849 more words

Character Analysis

Brian Kuh, Hand of the King

By Thomas Adams

(I know it’s long but bear with me.)

From watching The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, I found Brian Kuh to be the most interesting of all the characters in the film. 610 more words


AS English Literature: Week of 9/2

This week we will continue our study of the General Prologue to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. In addition to the assigned readings, you will need to complete a visual representation of three separate pilgrims based on their descriptions in the General Prologue. 38 more words

Literary Analysis

New Doctor, time for a blog!

This blog is a place where I can unload all my thoughts and feelings about Peter Capaldi and the Twelfth Doctor so as not to drive those around me up the wall… much.  267 more words