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Episode 108 - Addendum

After completing my Monday ritual of listening to, reading, and watching the various Outlander recaps and reviews, I want to add my take on an issue that has come up in several places. 1,023 more words

Episode Analysis

Episode 106 - The Garrison Commander

Even having seen (and loved) the wedding, this is still my favorite episode. Tobias Menzies is amazing in ways that words cannot express. He takes fantastic writing and elevates it to a transformative experience. 2,330 more words

Episode Analysis

Facebook Character Analysis / Sketch Template

Kids love Facebook! What better way to get kids engaged in their learning than to have them create a Facebook page of a character they are studying. 83 more words


Masaki Miki: An example of an ideally written supporting character.

This one moment in Gekiranger ruined me. This one little thing right here. Because this moment was so telling about Miki. We learn so much about Miki entirely via context over the course of the whole show, but especially during this whole thing between Rio and Gou. 708 more words


My thoughts on Let Me In *contains spoilers*

It’s extremely rare when you get a movie that redefines the vampire genre in such a sense that you neither cheer nor boo said creature. It’s more along the lines of that you feel sorry for them. 832 more words

Chloe Grace Moretz

The Veil of Servitude

The Veil of Servitude, a comparative analysis of the treatment of woman in Victorian age literature

By Trudy A. Martinez

The beliefs of Evangelicals and the treatment of women in the Victorian Age echo the teachings of the Old Testament in the Holy Bible. 2,720 more words


A nameless woman with ambition

She hooks her bulky statement necklace at the back of her alabaster neck skillfully in few seconds, then runs her hands smoothly and quickly through her light brown medium long hair, shaking away the residues of her failed-sleeping encounters last night and all other nights. 590 more words