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What Does the Extract Show about Paddy’s Parents’ Relationship –With a Hint of Paddy’s Character-?

During a rousing family day out through the luscious landscapes of Barrytown, the reader is given further insight into the marital issues between Paddy Clarke’s Da Da Da and mother –as well as our noble, ten year old protagonist being given his first. 763 more words

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What do we Learn About Liam and Aidan's House in Pages 34 and 35, and How Does it Reflect Their Lifestyle?

Throughout the various Barrytown adventures of Paddy Clarke, our noble hero finds himself in the home of the semi-orphans, Liam and Aidan. The first piece of information the reader is given about Chateau d’O’Connell is the fact that: 826 more words

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Persona 4: I'm so gay for Narukami Yu

I never really appreciated Yu that much when I was playing Persona 4, because, well, there was nothing to appreciate. Just like the older Persona games, “Yu” (you can actually name him, but for the sake of this post, I will just continue referring him to “Yu”) is a silent protagonist; that means he never talks in the game, with a few exception when some dialogue choices are needed. 531 more words


“Sticking to the Status Quo”: Analyzing the Defence Mechanisms Employed by Select characters in High School Musical

Normality is disrupted when students in East High suddenly express realities about themselves which run counter to their perceived identity in high school. This ‘disruption’ to the status quo starts when Troy Bolton, East High’s top wildcat, auditions (and gets a call-back) for the Winter Musical. 1,809 more words

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Episode 108 - Addendum

After completing my Monday ritual of listening to, reading, and watching the various Outlander recaps and reviews, I want to add my take on an issue that has come up in several places. 1,023 more words


Episode 106 - The Garrison Commander

Even having seen (and loved) the wedding, this is still my favorite episode. Tobias Menzies is amazing in ways that words cannot express. He takes fantastic writing and elevates it to a transformative experience. 2,330 more words


Facebook Character Analysis / Sketch Template

Kids love Facebook! What better way to get kids engaged in their learning than to have them create a Facebook page of a character they are studying. 83 more words