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The Greatness of Vegeta

Note: My opinions, analysis, and even proof in this piece came from years of adoring Dragon Ball. The manga, anime, video games, etc. Thing is, I’ve based my opinions mostly on what I’ve read in the Viz translated version of the manga. 3,026 more words

Dragon Ball Z

Joseph Cooper: A Man With Interesting Priorities (Interstellar spoilers)

What makes a good parent?

Is it someone who feeds their kids a sufficient amount of vegetables?

Is it simply about showing up to parent teacher conferences? 1,491 more words


Character Comparisons: Ursula & Audrey II


Ursula the Sea Witch and the Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors were both villains featured on my “31 Days of Villains” Pinterest board that I completed throughout the month of October. 1,512 more words


Yang Wenli: Character Analysis

Well, first lets let the man introduce himself.

Yang Wenli is a fictional character from the anime series “Legend Of Galactic Heroes”.

There is another short memorable speech by Wenli but it’s a bit spoilery so I didn’t embed it. 2,106 more words


Siblings Will be Siblings (Coalite Side Story)

Thank you to everyone who has been reading my original story Coalite that I’ve been posting on here from time to time. This is a character analysis if you will about Tarico Sussex (Ari) and his sister Myrai. 795 more words