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The Book of Eli: For your Knowledge (Interesting)

I was exploring a blog (click here to see it) and in the comments I found this, and was not only super happy that someone decided to do the research I wanted to do, but really excited to see what it had to say, so enjoy! 1,136 more words


Malia/Stiles/Lydia - Teen Wolf season 3

So I just finished watching the first three seasons of MTV’s Teen Wolf, and the first thing that my friend asked me about was – What did I think about Stiles and Malia, and do I still believe that Stiles/Lydia will happen. 732 more words

Lydia Martin

The Unsung Hero

Okay, so based off this post from Writers Write, I thought about mostly the Frozen character of Olaf.  Now, if you are a lazy-ass like me and don’t want to read the article, the basic idea is this.   455 more words

Teaching Character Analysis Through Disney's "Frozen"

I finally watched Frozen last week.  After having my fourth grade students repeatedly sing and dance to Let it Go at every lunch, I had to see if it lived up to its hype. 468 more words


Plot Whiplash

Okay, so I am reading a book.  I will not give the title of it yet, because I don’t really want to influence anyone who wants to read it before I finish the book.   1,038 more words

Character Analysis 1: Clay Puppington

Clay Puppington is arguably one of the most explosive, developed and serious characters ever put into a comedy.  He is one of the main characters in the claymation show “Moral Orel”.  1,451 more words

Adult Swim

Authentic Fake Facebook Profiles

In order to learn about character traits, motivations, and analysis, my students spend time creating fake Facebook profiles for their favorite book or movie characters. 403 more words