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Transformational CHARACTER ARC

The Mystery Man on Film and Joshua James have been engaged in a fascinating dialogue on the concept of ‘Transformational Character Arc’ as opposed to ‘Emotional Connection’ – that unique aspect of story telling which we, as readers and viewing audiences, find so compelling and compulsive, but which may not, necessarily, involve a deep, visible, character arc. 640 more words

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Theme - the magic ingredient within a story

In my last blog, I tried to define story as:

“ …a tale about a character or characters, set in a particular environment or time, who struggle to deal with an important problem or opportunity that comes into their live(s) and which sets in motion a sequence of events and actions that logically lead to a climatic ending consistent with the theme of the story.” 341 more words

For Newbie Authors

How to Develop Themes

If you’ve ever taken an English class, you have probably talked a lot about “theme.” Some teachers call it a one-word topic, like “love” or “individuality”; some call it a phrase or message, like “love conquers all” or “crime doesn’t pay.” 751 more words


Character Arc

Character Arc

How does your character change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story?

How has your character changed in ways of mentally, physically, and emotionally? 9 more words

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The Character Arc

A number of writing instructors refer to the character arc, or the path a protagonist takes from the beginning of the story to the end, as a tool for the novelist. 1,247 more words

Character Developmet

Characters Change (and that's good)

Think back to your old Literature classes from school, and try to remember what you used to talk about. Chances are, there was a discussion on characters and how they changed across the course of the book. 269 more words

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