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Watching Netflix Made Me a Better Writer (and I bet I’m not the only one!)

It was around this time in 2014 that I first signed up for Netflix.

It’s hard to believe I’ve only been watching Netflix for a year, unless you happen to know me well. 877 more words


On Ida

Spoilers Ahead

Trying to put aside my own strong views on the issue of secular life vs. religious asceticism, I don’t think that the film’s annoying conservatism derives from the fact that Ida returns to ascetic life with a solidly reaffirmed faith and devotion but from the fact that her journey towards that reaffirmation is schematic and superficial. 213 more words

Ten Questions You Need to Ask Your Characters Before They Can Stay In Your Story

Your story lives and breathes through your characters. Through them your premise, idea and your plot come alive. Characters give your story meaning; they draw in the reader who lives the journey through them. 1,003 more words

Nina Munteanu

Updates and Whatnot

I’ve been struggling lately with blog posts, mostly because any time I think of something to post about, I then think, “Nah, why would anybody want to read that?” and then I don’t post anything.   820 more words


The Character Arc: How Important is Dialogue?

The Character Arc: How Important is Dialogue?

In prose writing, I’m a firm believer that dialogue is key to character development. I also believe a lot can be learnt from researching other writing formats to find your character’s voice. 737 more words

Callie Khouri

The Wound (plus a book giveaway!)

Welcome to our monthly blog chat about the craft of fiction. Today, writing guru Sydney Smith and I talk about that great character driver – the psychological wound. 1,064 more words