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Kay: Step into This

Our characters move through an arc, changing as they resolve the conflicts, solve the problems, and overcome the challenges that they encounter. One way we can show character change is to show behavioral changes. 546 more words

Character Development

Plotting To Be Scene - Part Nine

Plotting To Be Scene – Part Nine

I am studying how to plot, and the relationship of plots to scenes.  I recently completed my first draft of… 61 more words


The Mirror Moment

I’m having a writing hiatus, in between books. But that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about writing. Quite the contrary. I’m mulling and reading and plotting – dreaming up my next story. 400 more words


Nancy: Character Redux

Last week, I discussed character appearance/description and the lack thereof in my WIP. Of course, as with any other aspect of reading, the amount of description a reader wants to see is based on personal preference, and even among the Ladies here, we have a wide range of opinions. 595 more words


Elizabeth: Back to Basics – How hardwood floors improved my story

I’ve spent part of most weekends for the last several months refurbishing my parents’ old house in preparation for putting it up for sale. It could have gone on the market “as-is”, but spending some time to make it more appealing to potential buyers seemed like a reasonable choice. 509 more words


Protagonist's Positive and Negative Traits

Our characters have positive and negative traits like people do. As writers we give characters flaws to prevent the protagonist from being too perfect. Some writers are afraid to do anything that might make the hero or heroine less likable. 168 more words

Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Cover Reveal for New Craft Textbook (News)

5writers regular contributor Jennie Jarvis is delighted to reveal the cover of her new craft textbook, Crafting the Character Arc: A Practical Guide to Character Creation in Development… 56 more words