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Alternate Lives

Hello, I am Dervish127, and I am an altoholic. That is to say I love rolling new characters (alternates) and leveling them up. Guild Wars 1 makes that easy. 457 more words


Full Encounter Control

Yep, I’m going to keep going with comparisons to DDO with the light novel/anime show, Log Horizon. The show depicts RPG teamwork so well that it should be required viewing/reading by all players. 1,538 more words


5E - Warlock Patron - The Celestial

The Celestial
You have made your pack with a Celestial, one the great powers of Good who are committed to combatting and thwarting evil in all it’s forms. 376 more words

Game Design

5E - Bardic College of Tantra

College of Tantra
Bards of the College of Tantra are more than mere musicians, in fact their skills as a musician pale in comparison to their social graces at formal balls and social companions. 572 more words

Game Design