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Updated Warden Class for S&W Whitebox and Labyrinth Lord

I’ve updated my Warden class for both Labyrinth Lord and Swords & Wizardry Whitebox, mainly to clean them up a bit, and add new rules around bow expertise. 60 more words

Swords & Wizardry

5E - Monastic Traditions - Monks from the Shadowlands

So, in my days of 1E, I had developed a whole series of “Fighting Styles” adapted from the Oriental Adventures martial arts, these then turned into fully-fledged rules for fighting and dueling styles when I developed my own game engine. 667 more words

Campaign Development

5E - Ranger Archtype - The Huntsmen

Astute readers will likely note the similarities to the Huntsmen of Annuvin from Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain series – and well they should. These are modeled in most ways upon them, though they also owe a nod to the… 332 more words

Game Design

Alternate Lives

Hello, I am Dervish127, and I am an altoholic. That is to say I love rolling new characters (alternates) and leveling them up. Guild Wars 1 makes that easy. 457 more words


Full Encounter Control

Yep, I’m going to keep going with comparisons to DDO with the light novel/anime show, Log Horizon. The show depicts RPG teamwork so well that it should be required viewing/reading by all players. 1,538 more words


5E - Arcane Tradition - Diabolism

This Arcane Tradition has it’s roots in the old White Dwarf class of the Summoner, these ended up becoming a set of very powerful mages in the Shadowlands who essentially acted, as one NPC put it, “lawyers”. 837 more words

Game Design

5E - Warlock Patron - The Celestial

The Celestial
You have made your pack with a Celestial, one the great powers of Good who are committed to combatting and thwarting evil in all it’s forms. 376 more words

Game Design