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New Druid Spell - Illya's Earthen Prison

In my review of the excellent & Magazine, I noted how I thought it a good idea to introduce new monsters with a short, descriptive story, rather than a dry block of stats. 921 more words

Labyrinth Lord

Lord of the Rings Online players can choose a new character class later this year

Lord of the Rings Online players will have a new character class to choose from later this year, according to Turbine’s Aaron Campbell.

The game’s producer dropped the news during the game’s Take The Hobbits To Insengard event on the Bullroarer server.
Current classes to…

24 Hours Until a Day of Dance with Kendra Ray in Kalamazoo!

This time tomorrow, I will be en route to Kalamazoo, Michigan for an interview, day of workshops, and an old-fashioned hafla to wrap up the day’s festivities! 11 more words