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I found this piece I wrote back in 2012. It struck me.
I hope you enjoy,

I think the thing about writing is to remember: to remember moments in time where you felt something unforgettable, moments that really made you feel and be emotionally touched. 307 more words


Final reflection on Character Creation

I have really enjoyed this module, I have never had the chance on any other course or module to develop a character so much which was a really nice experience. 357 more words

Character Creation

Storyboard for a Character Scene

This for a scene where Chrissie is in an office building and sees an employee being yelled at by his boss, Chrissie feels this is unnecessary and decides a little pay back is in order. 193 more words

Character Creation

Chrissie Re-Design and Back story Change

After the second presentation it was clear that the design of Chrissie wasn’t good enough and I wasn’t pleased with it either to be honest. What did get a good reaction was the concept art done in the style of Brett Bean which I really liked as well so I made the decision to completely re-design Chrissie fully in that form and this was the result: 286 more words

Character Creation


Ha! Didn’t see this coming, did you?

While you all have been exploring the Ninth World of Numenera and enjoying the new system, I have been hard at work brainstorming what I want to do with the Three Pillars. 169 more words


Toon Tuesday: Cooper the Human CS Navy Sailor (Rifts)

There was a really nasty cold making its rounds at our house and it had finally caught up with our toddler last week. She was absolutely miserable, it was awful. 2,319 more words

Role Playing