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Writing Worldview Well

Here’s a question that every serious writer should wrestle with at some point: How do you write worldview well? How should you incorporate a message about what you believe into your writing? 1,252 more words


Three favourite characters from film and games

Ezio Auditore Da Firenze – Assassins Creed

  • Born: 24 June 1459
  • Died: 30 November 1524
  • Profession: Assassin
  • Allegiance: The Assassin Brotherhood
  • Voice Actor: Roger Craig Smith…
  • 493 more words
Character Creation

Update on my character model

Began working on the model of my character in Zbrush.

I Started with blocking out the head and then began working on its body armour. 7 more words

Game Dev

Modular Construction for the Asylum.

Chris here, been practising in 3DS-Max to obtain skills on modular construction. We are already impressed with how fast you can piece together fleshed out scenery and can’t wait to learn how to add finer details. 47 more words

Game Dev

A life for a life - Part 1

This is a little experiment. Below is the first part of my short story (recently written). All I would like to know is whether you would like to continue to read it. 391 more words

Toon Tuesday: Jules the Human Power Armour Pilot (Rifts)

I was expecting a lot more work to go into a Robot Pilot O.C.C., if I’m being honest, but the skill selection was a breeze and so was equipment (besides the power armour, of course.) I left out specific missile selection, as that would be tailored to fit your mission, but they are pictured for ease of access, and I also skipped the few cybernetic augmentations as this character (and as the text states) is confident enough in their armour without it. 2,346 more words

Role Playing

Shakoor's character concepts

Shakoor here.

Just a quick update on my character design.

These are the 50 silhouettes I began with.

As Chris stated earlier 3 of these were chosen to develop further. 19 more words

Game Dev