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Writing Exercise - Playing With Narrator's Voice

This is a passage of fiction I wrote today as part of an exercise for my course. We were supposed to explore how unreliable the narrator can be, and we were asked to write a short piece where the narrator can contradict themselves with something that they say. 264 more words

Open University

I’m working on my characters for my WIP at the moment. Something that has been going on for about 3 months now – since I decided to set aside the word count goals and deepen my story structure. 508 more words

On Writing

Blood Legacies - Power at a Cost

Naruto made this concept popular at it was implemented in a good way into the Anima system but it’s not all fun and games when it comes to Blood Legacies. 1,044 more words


Staring into the Abyss: Finding the Characters

Usually, my ideas start with a world. Then I try to find the conflict, the story, and maybe some of the plot. This involves finding the protagonist, the antagonist, maybe a few other key players. 521 more words


When It Rains

Ch. 9: Rainfall

The mystery that involves Alex’s murder by his foster family is a pretty complex one.

That’s exactly the way that I wanted it. 372 more words

Short Stories

My Inquisitor

So here we are with the long-awaited third installment. Unlike Dragon Age II, which was pumped out in a little over a year (while they were working on ME3), Inquisition has been in development for several years, and from what we’ve read of previews, interviews and most recently reviews, it looks like a huge step in the right direction. 73 more words


Toon Tuesday: Jadesky the Human, Earth/Air Elemental Fusionist (Rifts)

I’ve played an Earth/Air Elemental Fusionist in the past, and she quickly became one of my favorite characters. It was easy to pour my own personality onto the page, and the combination of opposite elements and their powers have truly made it one of my favorite caster O.C.C.s in all of… 2,812 more words

Role Playing