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When I Step Through the Wardrobe

One of the biggest things that ArenaNet pushes in Guild Wars 2 is their aesthetics. With the new wardrobe coming out today, we’re going to be seeing a whole new level of skins being mixed and mashed together! 628 more words

Guild Wars 2

Toon Tuesday: Tuulok the Tuskarr Scout (Warcraft)

Goodness, it has been years since I’ve played DnD or Warcraft RPG, and the variations and flipping back and forth between books is exhausting. Some information is drawn from pre-generated NPC stats provided in the book, and some is best guess as an experienced… 618 more words

Role Playing

Character Creation: Strands of Fate

I created this character for an actual game that is being run by a friend.  He is developing a world and wants to explore it using a roleplaying game.  484 more words

Black Desert character customization

Hey guys,

I recently heard about Black Desert. My mind is blown. The character customization in that game is crazy. I remember several weeks ago when I thought  326 more words

Liebster Award - Kamalia's 11 Questions and my 11 Answers

I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Kamalia et Alia. I read her questions and thought they were brilliant, so this post is me answering them. 1,218 more words

World Of Warcraft

Project 3: Character Creation. Two weeks.

Project 3: Character Creation.

My general timetable as of Monday 24th:

Monday: Write a schedule and making sure everything is set up and to start gather inspiration. 1,682 more words


Most Amazing RPG Character Customisation Tool

This character customisation/creation tool for Black Desert is mind-blowing! It would be amazing to play an MMORPG with all of the massively varied characters such as this. 18 more words