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Character Creation - Setting

Everything I remembered was a complete blur; memories, secrets and how this happened in the first place. I couldn’t move, sleep or eat. All I could recall was the 18 wheeler heading straight towards us. 598 more words

Character Creation -

Rift - Episode One - Character Creation

Check out my newest gaming video on Rift.  Though the game has been out since 2011 it’s been a couple years since I have played and wanted to check it out again.   60 more words


Toon Tuesday: Captain Reed the Bayou Ursine River Pirate (Rifts)

My first completed write up for a Rifts NPC villain (I had been working on an ancient dragon, but scrapped it); I wanted to add a little flavour to it with a unique race/class combination. 2,985 more words

Role Playing

Sibling Rivalry: The Creation of Tessa

Chapter 6: Old Habits Die Hard

Ever since I started writing I’ve had the certain notion to bring in new characters with style. I try to make each characters entrance as unique as they are within the story. 420 more words


Writing Worldview Well

Here’s a question that every serious writer should wrestle with at some point: How do you write worldview well? How should you incorporate a message about what you believe into your writing? 1,252 more words


Week 1: Three favourite characters from film and games

Ezio Auditore Da Firenze – Assassins Creed

  • Born: 24 June 1459
  • Died: 30 November 1524
  • Profession: Assassin
  • Allegiance: The Assassin Brotherhood
  • Voice Actor: Roger Craig Smith…
  • 493 more words
Character Creation

Update on my character model

Began working on the model of my character in Zbrush.

I Started with blocking out the head and then began working on its body armour. 7 more words

Game Dev