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‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Lets You Tinker With Your Character To Your Obsessive Heart’s Content

Arguably the best part of a lot of RPGs, particularly western-developed ones, is creating and tinkering with the look of the characters, and it looks like… 139 more words


Toon Tuesday: Odd Maria the Human Shifter (Rifts)

You know what’s terrible? Giving a starting character a spell or ability that can only be found in a supplemental text. Anyway, like any spellcaster, this write up is huge, but Shifters have so many complex rules and spells at level 1 that it’s going to be… 6,422 more words

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Introducing Ira

The angel-hair strands of smoke waft in and out of his nostrils. The menthol scent is strong, carrying a premonition of imminent lung cancer and hints of staleness. 329 more words

Creative Writing

Toon Tuesday: Zeke the Troll Enforcer (Shadowrun)

I decided to work up another Shadowrun character to really hammer out the character creation process in my head (also to add some better edits and groundwork into my blank template for future characters; the weapons and such now include descriptions where pertinent). 1,471 more words

Role Playing

Celebrating Anahi

Spidersilk is coming up on its three year anniversary. The image below is something I did several months back for Anahi, one of the main characters. 246 more words


Week 1: Setting Up

Time sneaked on me and classes began, before I had the chance to finish describing the basic elements of Philosophy Quest! (Also before I finished getting everything ready, so there’s a lot I’ll need to set up on the road.) 1,086 more words

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