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The Art of Character Creation

So I’ll just start out by giving a brief summary of my summer. I’ve been doing two things mostly: watching TV and nannying.

I suppose in a way these two share a connection, though that may come as surprise. 1,417 more words


Creating Flaws

No human is perfect. You aren’t perfect. I, sure as heck, am not perfect. Ernest Hemingway wasn’t perfect. I’m sorry to say this, but our characters aren’t going to be perfect either. 599 more words


Toon Tuesday: Tall Elk the Mastodonoid Tribal Warrior (Rifts)

Sorry, again, for the delay in my weekly posts. Things are finally looking up with my Brother’s condition; we are connecting more and making the necessary changes to help him improve even further. 3,412 more words

Role Playing

Getting familiar with Wildstar

After not really playing that much during the free first month (kind of stupid, but I really didn’t feel like gaming so much x_x), I decided to buy another month of game time and give it a more serious try this time. 299 more words


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