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Toon Tuesday: Big Ted the Larmac Saloon Bum (Rifts)

Ah, Larmac, the “lazy lizards”! I do so love the reptilian races. Anyway, I’ve swapped out the O.C.C. skills Dance and Sing for Gambling and… 1,875 more words

Role Playing

DM Talk 03


The PHB took a leisurely route to my home via Amazon, so Glennish and I have a leisurely talk about its contents

DM Talk 3


Let's Talk Character Creation

Imagine you’ve just opened up your shiny new Western RPG. Maybe there’s a bit of story, however it isn’t long before you reach some sort of character creation or choice. 342 more words


The Lost Lighthouse First Thoughts Review: Through The Breach RPG

Gary checks out Wyrds first pen and paper RPG

After almost a years extra wait, my Through The Breech (TTB) Kickstarter has arrived! Now I’m not going to go on a rant about Wyrd not delivering on time etc etc because of one simple thing, they communicated! 560 more words


The First Scene

It’s hard to start writing that first scene. So much rides on it. 523 more words


Toon Tuesday: Helen the Human Vagabond (Rifts)

I think that Vagabonds are drastically underestimated as an O.C.C.; with the variety of skills they can learn and their natural Eyeball a Fella technique, they open up a lot of role playing opportunities. 1,307 more words

Role Playing

Toon Tuesday: Grindgear the Goblin Tinkerer (Warcraft)

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Warcraft RPG character, and I so enjoyed the in depth look at Gobbies during the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm… 1,136 more words

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