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Shape with Character Design (Visual Test) - Amy Sargeant

Following a tutorial from Concept Cookie (see bibliography), I gathered many random shapes in the hopes that I could create many unique character designs that I would not have come up with before. 145 more words

Amy Sargeant

"Proof that I was once a Mother": Meditations on The Boss' Clevage

The Boss is one of the most central and fascinating characters in Metal Gear lore. The daughter of a member of the shadowy Philosophers’ group, she went on to help in securing victory for America in World War II with the Cobra Unit which she founded, and developed the iconic CQC system the series is known for alongside the man who would eventually become Big Boss. 1,176 more words


Top 3 Looks Rocked Last Week

I’ve been having tons o’ fun this week with my new drawing challenge, in which I render myself rocking out on the air guitar in whatever¬†I wore the previous day. 117 more words

Art + Illustration


This little guy appeared while I played with Kyle T. Webster’s great gouache photoshop brushes today.

Character Design

Pretty Pig

Nothing Prettier than a Pig in a Wig.

52 Weeks: Week 2

This week, I’m presenting you with two illustrations … of the same thing.

Part of this whole process is in refining my style and finding a voice. 332 more words


Riot Art Contest Progress Dump 1

Hello! I’m currently working on Polycount and Riot Games’ Art Contest¬†– I’ve been at it for a couple weeks or so, and here’s a compilation of my work for it so far. 26 more words