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Women in Leadership Group Going Strong

The Women in Leadership (WIL) group at Wakefield School is going strong. This year, two seniors – Rachel Tyeryar and Eryn Peters – stepped into the leadership role of defining the 2014/15 group goals and program agenda. 865 more words

Independent School

Guest Post: Coloring the World with Kindness

by Barbara Gruener 

While researching for the keynote address I gave recently at the National Forum on Character Education, “Kindness Is the Real Global Warming,” I came across too many inspirational quotes-made-into-posters to count. 639 more words

Character Education

A Helping Hand

The excitement is palpable among the three HTEA fourth graders who will be participating in a project with the company E-nabling the Future to create a prosthetic hand for a child in need. 302 more words


A caricature of character education? Morgan needs a broader vision

John White

The Department for Education has just invited schools and other bodies to bid for money to support projects in character education. Since her appointment last July, Nicky Morgan has shown an especial interest in this area. 541 more words

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Another contribution to the wider narrative - including some very useful comments. Let's keep the discussion alive.

Character Education is a Waste of Time

One Man In His Time Plays Many Parts

Today I had the honour to debate the following at the Policy Exchange Think Tank in London: ‘Is Character Education a Waste of Time?’ This was further explained by the Chair, Jonathan Simons in this way: “The issue is… can we teach it in the formal way, in the same way as we teach other subjects…?” (You can hear the debate on the audio link below) 1,265 more words

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Some very useful contributions here to help those concerned about the growing move for the explicit teaching of character. The focus on humanity, experiential learning and the opportunities (time and space) that may exist with the current lifeworlds of the individuals and the school to explore, question, build and reflect on values underpinning character is most welcome and very much in tune with the approach we take through the www.learningthroughvalues.org project. All of our experience suggests that the imposition of values (or character) is a non-starter. This is about deep personal identity and being. There is a level of neglect in the way this is being approached by those with power in education at the moment and this is where I feel we get to the elephant in the room - power and the need and desire to control. Society needs to be challenged and remodeled to reflect the changing realities of our liquid modernity - holding onto a past that has caused so many issues is misguided and short sighted and the imposition of those character traits that underpinned this is simply nonsense - unless of course you are one of the (increasingly) few who benefit from this. We need an honest debate around these issues and not a short term election response from a dept that does not even know what values are and seemingly from the current funding process, even know what the school year is. Where is the sense in a grant to work with schools running April 2015 - April 2016 - which school year does that fit with? Nonsense. Speak up, share other voices, create a broader narrative, join in.

Weekly Challenge for #EnviroEd # 59: Trees, The Guardians of the Schoolyard

Many of us are lucky enough to be in schools with trees in the playground. Each ring within the trunk could speak to hundreds of recesses and discussions. 388 more words

Weekly Challenge For Environmental Education

Raindrops and Ripples: Newsletter January 2015

Top Story Headline: Redefining Community Service

Many agree that community service is doing acts of good or providing services for the public or an institution.  The definition continues: “Performing community service is not the same as volunteering, since it is not always done voluntarily” since community service can be required by courts as a punitive sentence…or high schools for completion of high school credits, creating a negative idea that community service is a mandated act, instead of a chosen act. 542 more words