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Character Generation Example Five - Shadowrun 5th Edition

Welcome back my few and loyal viewers.  Today we will be looking at Shadowrun 5th Edition, now I have a chequered history with this game, generally I’m in the camp of ‘Get your damn elves out of my Cyberpunk’ but I was encouraged by a friend to try out the Shadowrun Returns computer game on my Android table.  4,890 more words

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Reading in the Heat

I’m waiting for the temperature to drop a few degrees before I start making sweet and sour chicken.  The heat has been one of the reasons why the only thing I have done today is read and stay hydrated. 621 more words

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Generating A Headache

I have a headache this big…damn, you can’t see how far apart my hands are, then again if I am typing this my hands can’t really be that far apart…I have a giant headache. 509 more words

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Character Generation Example Four - DC Adventures

Good day you, I would say all but I’m not convinced that enough people read this for ‘all’ to be in any way accurate or appropriate. 2,983 more words

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Who are those Wizards?

As we premised, Wizards’Duel is about two challengers confronting each other for theire own reasons. So there is a couple of opposites, and this is what I only knew when we started to brainstorming about ‘em. 214 more words

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Character Generation Example Three - The Secret of Zir'A

It’s character gen hour here on the ubermunchkin channel.  Today we’re going to do a  character for The Secret of Zir’An, this game is one of my top under appreciated by the mainstream games, it’s a world that has lived through cycle upon cycle of building civilisations only to seem them fall into conflict and the world tear itself into ruin. 5,241 more words

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DEATHWISH: Introduction to character traits

I’m presently writing the second full draft of the DEATHWISH character generation rules (which will be the first playably complete one) after spending a lot of time analyzing what worked and what didn’t in previous versions and building in support for previously undeveloped features, and the system is looking pretty solid. 2,276 more words