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Beat to Quarters - Character Generation

As I said when I was talking about figuring out Nobilis, I created a multi-page character generation guide for Beat to Quarters so everyone could generate their characters faster; you… 9 more words

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Clockwork and Chivalry - Character Generation Summary

Below the fold is the summary of social statuses, professions, and factions in Clockwork & Chivalry, as I promised in my Nobilis post. I handed it out to my players so I could help everyone generate a character at the same time with some speed, as opposed to having everyone sit with a book. 784 more words

Historical RPGs

Design Diary 4: School of Hard Knocks

Gather round for story time with Monkey, as he tells you about his first role-playing experience, “…there I was a monk in a swamp at the end of the party line. 614 more words


Loren Rhoads on Horror Writing

Character Generation

by Loren Rhoads

The novel As Above, So Below (co-written with Brian Thomas) is the story of Lorelei, a succubus who sets her sights the angel Azaziel. 615 more words