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Basic Hand

Made more progress on that hand I was working on. It’s pretty much a finished base mesh now that I could add more detail to in ZBrush or something. 71 more words


Hands-On (Lol)

I’m about halfway through modelling a hand here. I’m planning to rig it and do some concentrated animations to put in my show reel. Sure, I could have just downloaded one, but no point wasting a valuable opportunity to practice. 21 more words


3D Character Modelling + Animation

For my latest school project, we were assigned a character modelling task. I chose to model Mark from the Harvest Moon series. 129 more words


Pre FYP Base mesh Zbrush tests

Another skill that I have learnt over the summer, other that programming has been Zbrush. Some of the things that I have learn has been how to create base mesh for male and females fast and efficiently using Zspheres and then been able to get a workable bes out of them. 274 more words

3D Modelling

Pre FYP summer training

Over the course of the summer holiday days I have been doing a lot of research for my FYP, my initial idea is to make a few levels of a game with simpler game play to the Tomb Raider Reboot by Crystal Dynamics mixed with Remember Me by DontNod, the new skills that I have learned over the summer has been programming, sculpting and also practising my design skill set along with my animation skills, such as building new animation pipelines for using Mo cap or hand animation and also a blend between the 2 in the game engine (UDK). 507 more words


Blender - Beginning Character

Feeling slightly confident since my last attempt, I decided to try something more difficult.

Using the skin modifier, I managed to form the base mesh of this cute little figure down here. 95 more words

Life In Mono

Blender - Toothless

With some time to spare, I thought I’ll try something a little more ambitious this time.

So I decided to recreate Toothless from “How to Train Your Dragon”. 21 more words

Life In Mono