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Maya first Modelling Tutorial 2014...

This is the first in a short run of modelling and rigging tutorials designed to help this years student through their first Maya project of the year. 34 more words

Character Design

Low-Poly Hand Study

I finished the hand I’ve been working on – it’s now unwrapped, textured and rigged, with transformations locked and controllers included for clean animation. It’d be cool to take this into ZBrush one day and add some really cool details such as raised veins and proper wrinkles, then maybe bake a normal map. 8 more words


My Male Character Base Mesh Step 1

Over the next few stages I will show I how I sculpted and modelled the game ready game character for my game, the software that I will be using will be Zbrush, the main reason why I have chosen to use Zbrush for my character modelling is because this is has become a standard tool for character modelling and sculpting, in this stage I will show you developed the base mesh from using Zsphere and get roughly the right proportions… 282 more words

3D Modelling

Hand Texture WIP

So I unwrapped the hand I was working on and i’ve started work on the diffuse map for it. I’ve decided to go for a hand-painted style, aiming for a look similar to Borderlands or Telltale’s The Walking Dead. 13 more words


Basic Hand

Made more progress on that hand I was working on. It’s pretty much a finished base mesh now that I could add more detail to in ZBrush or something. 71 more words


Hands-On (Lol)

I’m about halfway through modelling a hand here. I’m planning to rig it and do some concentrated animations to put in my show reel. Sure, I could have just downloaded one, but no point wasting a valuable opportunity to practice. 21 more words


3D Character Modelling + Animation

For my latest school project, we were assigned a character modelling task. I chose to model Mark from the Harvest Moon series. 129 more words