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Wednesdays with the Arts: I Just Couldn’t Resist

Oh please; like you didn’t know I wasn’t going to be able to wait. Yes, that story I talked about has definitely taken shape. Over 8k words of shape. 136 more words


Names, Names, Names

Back when I created this character I thought I was being so original with her name. I wanted something with cookies and I was saying: … 378 more words


Our Favorite Things

How many of you collect things?

I’ve often wondered what it is that prompts us to latch onto certain things.

I’ve known people who collect trading cards, figurines, Disney items, etc.   593 more words


No, Not That Again

We all do the same things more than once. It’s part of life. I try to change my character’s names from time to time. Such as Michael. 69 more words

Character Names - Sabin and Astra

About a week ago, I finally finished my Camp NaNoWriMo novel which meant it was time to start on my new novel. I’ve been hunting around for some character names to use, and I thought I’d share some that I found and liked but didn’t fit my characters. 159 more words


Naming characters – part one

Naming one’s characters is one of the most important tasks in the planning of a novel. The name you give to them is the one thing you can be assured that readers will try to remember; not the visual description you present, or the situation in which they are first introduced – although these are also central to the depiction to the character – but most importantly it is the name which readers keep a hold of, in order to simply follow the plot from page-to-page. 406 more words

Novel Journal

Naming Characters

Guest Post
by Dian Curtis Regan

My first published book was a young adult novel called I’ve Got Your Number, published by Avon Flare/McMillan. … 186 more words