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What's in a Name? A Great Character.

Last November, I “won” National Novel Writing Month by writing 50,000 words of a novel draft. But I had never been satisfied with the name of my protagonist, a name which I’d used as a placeholder in my rush to finish. 442 more words

On Writing

Thoughts from the Treadmill: Renaming Characters

My first published book, The Sleepover Clause, was re-launched by The Wild Rose Press in December 2014. As I revised it, I decided to change the name of one of the characters. 547 more words


Random sources for your character names

For the next book I was toying with the idea of being more “casual” and “free-flowing” in how I come up with new characters’ names. 809 more words


Exotic Names: 7 Languages That Inspire Fantasy Authors

You open a book and come across an unusual place or character name. Maybe it’s got some strange consonants packed in. Maybe it even has an apostrophe or two. 1,826 more words


Who or what is Antonomasia?

an·ton·o·ma·sia (ăn′tə-nə-mā′zhə)


  1. A fancy term from one of those new Guardian How To Present Your Creative Writing Classes masterclass, a term that possibly nobody else in the room understands, during a course that is presented by somebody you’ve never heard of and the class costs a small fortune (NB includes VAT, booking fee and refreshments) for six hours in a one-star hotel in Nuneaton.
  2. 498 more words

Getting very short with character names

F knocks on the door of my office (“Office”? How grandiose. “Kitchen table” more like). He sits down. He looks glum.

“Why did you call me F?” he asks. 757 more words


Character names: handy sites

Earlier this week I mentioned how graveyards and telephone books can be handy starting points for character names. I’m often updating my lists of possibles from a wide variety of sources, from my spam email folder to TV and film credits. 144 more words