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Notes: Sometimes, when I have a story and a setting, I lack one important detail… names of the characters. The following names written in a list (not in an alphabetical order) for an easy access and choice. 49 more words

Character Names

Not Just Any Name

I relish a good character name, something more than a moniker. Here are two from my long list of favorite character names, both from A. S. 240 more words


Seeing Names

A young girl told me yesterday that when reading, she recognizes characters by the shapes of the letters forming their names. She memorizes the silhouette of the name and associates its appearance with its character. 519 more words


Symbolism in Writing

As a follow up to last week’s blog on the moon, I wanted to write a bit today about symbols overall in writing. I know they aren’t always easily noticeable but I happen to love symbols and other meanings in the books I read and write, mostly because I feel like they add some sort of depth to our stories. 287 more words

Writer's Life

Dickens Versus....Um...


Okay, I won’t go with the obvious “D” word to match Dickens — We’ll go with “Hottie,” how about that? :D

We haven’t gotten to have ANY fun on the blog recently! 92 more words

Romance Readers

3 Basic Steps to a Character Sketch

Have an idea for a story but need a star character? Here are three basic steps to building your character sketch with bonus material to help you out in the process: 639 more words

Saturday Writers Group: Names and Stanzas

Yet again, I’m way behind on getting these posts up. My Saturday group met on 7-June and this is just now being posted. I’m embarrassed! 335 more words