Week 4 Character of the Week


Hey Everyone! Crazy to think that after this character of the week it’ll be a month of posting characters! Don’t worry, we aren’t running out of characters any time soon!

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Character for week 3

Quick Update- Get to know me section has been updated! Look for a written magic post later today! Lots to talk about!



Hey Everyone! For this weeks character I’m sticking with the Animal theme, since i found out I’m working at Animal Kingdom.

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Character for Week 2


Hey Everyone! Sorry this character for week 2 is long over due! However, I’m going to keep changing the polls and quotes of the week on Mondays. 204 more words


character of the week

welcome! as you can see, our character of the week, is buttercup, the Everdeen family cat. buttercup is one of the few characters to survive the whole book. 120 more words