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Vanessa Fly Trap Characters: Georges Scout

Georges is the father of Tony and Kate Scout and the adoptive father of Vanessa and Victor Sprout.


He is a well built man with a tan complexion. 548 more words

Vanessa Fly Trap

Character profile: Monsieur L'Arbre

Who: Monsieur L’Arbre

What: A legendary 2,000-year-old-tree. Said to possess clairvoyant powers. Believed to lead lost travelers back to safety.

Where: Sighted at various locations within the Sapphire Forest. 86 more words


Sad Eyed, Smiling

Today he was going to leave her. In an effort to be calm and find distraction in anything that didn’t boil the anticipation, she walked. She walked to bookstores, coffee shops, to the center of downtown, and to a nearby park. 301 more words

Alyssa Burkett

Brighton, Amelia (Mia)

Birthday: August 14, 1996
Age: 25
Sign: Leo
Personality: 4-8-6-3-3
Partner: Nicolas Papoulias
Education: Aikens High School Class of 2014
Job: Coffee Shop Sound Engineer… 14 more words

Character Profile

Claiborne, Marissa

Birthday: December 10, 1995
Age: 26
Sign: Sagittarius
Personality: 4-5-5-8-6
Partner: Collin Claiborne
Education: Simon-Lawrence University Class of 2018 (Art)
Job: Comic Book Penciller
Previous Employment: n/a… 13 more words

Character Profile

Claiborne, Margo

Birthday: June 29, 2018
Age: 3
Sign: Cancer
Personality: 3-8-4-7-8
Partner: n/a
Parents: Collin & Marissa Claiborne
Education: n/a
Job: Unemployed
Previous Employment: n/a
Businesses Owned: None… 12 more words

Character Profile

Claiborne, Ethan

Birthday: November 21, 2020
Age: 1
Sign: Scorpio
Personality: tba
Partner: n/a
Parents: Collin & Marissa Claiborne
Siblings: Margo Claiborne
Education: n/a
Job: Unemployed
Previous Employment: n/a… 15 more words

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