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Police Profile: Vlandiir, Sky Admiral, Part 3

“This is the end, Vlandiir! It’s been days and you can’t escape. My men are below. We’ve surrounded your ship. Surrender, please!” Orion cries, as overhead, missiles and rail-bullets pierce the night clouds and shatter another one of the United Order’s ships. 376 more words

Exodus Trilogy

Character Profile: Julien Hedgehog

As part of my ongoing book progress updates, I’ll be introducing some characters from the story.

To start with, here’s a preliminary sketch and bio of Julien Hedgehog (né Edgehawk). 207 more words


Characters - Philo

Philo is one of the few non-historical characters and was born from my own imagination and from a necessity to have someone to serve Tigellinus and Epaphroditus drinks in the opening scene of Palatine. 350 more words

Galba's Men

Freewrite a character profile

The freewrite technique is ideal for those who struggle to come up with ideas for short stories as well as characters.

It is not meant to make sense and the idea is to jot down whatever comes to mind without stopping to think.   258 more words

Creative Writer

Police Profile: Vlandiir, Sky Admiral, Part 2

“I’m sorry?” Commanding Officer Jaine asks her superior. “What did you ask?”

“What’s. He gone. And blown up. This time?” Chief Orion repeats again. His finger slides across the tablet, replacing the three-dimensional image of the Nova-Ziggurat with a model of a young man with long, stringy hair hanging in his face. 337 more words

Exodus Trilogy

Wrath's Waine

“Who is this guy?

When he stares at me,

Why do I sense hatred at the world?

The world which hates me.

Who is this guy? 329 more words


Police Profile: Vlandiir, Sky Admiral, Part 1

“What do we have this time?” Chief Orion reached out across the desk and took the tablet from his commanding officer. With a swipe of his finger, the holo-simulator crafted a three-dimensional model of a massive sky fortress, The Nova-Ziggurat, a grey and black metal pyramid constructed onto the body of an F-Forty Dreadnaught Class “Continent Breaker” equipped all over it’s body with a series of nega-class pulse rifles, counting at least a baker’s dozen, and fitted in the front with a hyper-velocity pulse chain riker. 268 more words

Exodus Trilogy