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Character Profile: The Lambs

Ducky has a lot of friends.So many friends that it can be hard to keep track of all of them. In Ducky’s character profiles, we will be introducing some old and new friends, as well as, fun facts about them. 120 more words


Playful poems of characters at play

For Day 3 at my CBIS writing camp in Seoul, we focused on character.

One project was to develop well-rounded characters to go with the Too Much Tales that we started the day before. 84 more words


Ollie and Ozzy

I’m doing a series of portraits so I can visualize the characters of my book. Here are Ollie and Ozzy Chatham.  I can’t say much about them other than they’re friends of Godfrey’s kid. 33 more words


Backstory: Don't Blow Your Load

I’ve seen some writing advice that suggests would-be writers know their characters as well as they know themselves. To come up with a complete dossier on their background including their family tree, the name of their first pet, favorite color, college minor, and blood type. 391 more words

How to think like Sherlock Holmes

This was a great interview on this week’s Sunday Edition with Michael Enright that I had to post.

Take a listen below (15min) or download the podcast here:


Throwback Thursday: Zoe Washburne

“Do you know what the definition of a hero is? Someone who gets other people killed.”

Meet Zoe Washburne: Fighter for Independence, second in command on the transport ship Serenity and an occasional, if reluctant, big damn hero. 713 more words


Are your characters apart of you?

Happy July Readers! If you are Canadian, Happy Canada Day!

Good morning. I hope all is well with it being the first of the month! What are your literary goals for this month? 507 more words