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Behind Unbridled - Character Sketches

With the upcoming release of my novel “Unbridled”, I wanted to share some of the processes I went through to breathe life into my story. One of my favorite things to do, and most essential, is to sketch the characters that come alive in my mind. 249 more words


Mission Monday 2.0 - Character Sketches

In the past, I have really struggled with outlining and planning for longer stories. I’m not sure if this is why I’ve never finished one or if it’s just a coincidence. 170 more words

Mission Monday

Character Sketches

So I’m working on some character sketches for Book 1, using the character sketch template in Scrivener.  In doing the sketch for my villain, I reached the point where the template asks for habits/mannerisms. 106 more words

The Enchanting Saga

10 Short Stories in 140 Characters or Less – Part 3

Since no one actually pays attention to me on Twitter, I started posting Random Snippets of Dialogue from stories that I will never write. That morphed a bit over that initial 10 posts to something slightly more interesting to me – Twitter-sized character studies. 257 more words