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I hear authors talking about how their characters talk to them, even dictate their own stories. Don’t get me wrong, my characters become people I know, whether I like them or not, but I have to wonder what I’m doing wrong. 384 more words



The great Hollywood screenwriter Paul Schrader once famously quoted that “True loneliness can be experienced only in a crowd” and if there has been any character in the world of cinema that reflects this maxim perfectly then it has to be Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver a masterpiece directed by the great Martin Scorsese and coincidentally also written by Paul Schrader. 760 more words

Character Sketches

Just A Dad For Show

You’re just a dad for show
That’s all you ever effing were:
Pretending that you care
So much about both him and her

No you cannot be bothered… 20 more words

Original Poems


I still remember Stephanie
The music of her hands –
The lyric winter reverie
The eyes apart from coterie
Now no one understands

In Stephanie, the day stood still… 59 more words

Original Poems

Dashing Forward with No Direction

Writing, I think, is one of the few things you can either do with a meticulous plan or absolutely nothing in mind but the barest of scenarios and still end up in the same place. 702 more words


Only One Love

He stands with a tray of Chick-fil-A
Out in the mall food court;
A man who’s in his seventies
The quiet, smiling sort

And he gets tired on his feet - 47 more words

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She looked at me askance and said
That I was unremitting
In trying to bring back the dead
Which, to her, seemed quite fitting

In that my singularity… 13 more words

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