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Character Sketch: "Sleep it off"

Sleep it off

“I have this thing for guys with circles under their eyes,” Sal smiled at me, creasing the sallow skin around her eyes. Then she took one last drag from her cigarette, stubbed it out in the ashtray. 423 more words


NaNoWrimo: Things to Consider When Writing Your Novel

In light of the Nano Site’s reboot that now allows writers to enter their novel for this years manic writing spree, I thought I’d discuss some important things to consider when writing a novel. 485 more words


Supporting cast

It sometimes happens that I fall in love with my support characters.

Now, every series should have a handful of characters the hero can call upon when he gets in trouble – as heroes will. 672 more words


Mecromage Status: Oct ‘14

Hey folks, we’ve got another monthly update for you. Last September, we decided it was time to solidify the player mechanics so we can start nailing down the hero character animations. 976 more words


Humoring Celeste

Celeste? she tells the dumbest jokes.
But I don’t really mind;
They’re mostly of the “knock-knock” or
The “your mom’s so fat” kind

And when she posts her pictures… 35 more words

Original Poems

Character Sketches #4 - Keyboard Warrior

People don't understand
 his brilliance -
  but how could they?
   People are stupid.

As the rusted lawnmower that is 
 his mind
  rolls devastatingly
   over grassless fields:
    an internecine Internet
     avenging demon,
      the arbiter of what "sucks"
       and what "rules"

And every evening and morning
 the same hand that hourly
  pleasures himself 
   to diseased and vapid images
    is raised in imaginary victory
     over his hapless vanquished foes
Who have, you know,
Original Poems

Not Short For Christopher

(A short character sketch found in my highschool files.)
His name was Chris, but he was absolutely sure that it did not stand for Christopher. At least, so he informed anybody who would take the time to listen to the incredible history of his life. 640 more words

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