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“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”  —  Emmet Fox


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2 September 2014, this blog is about writing in scenes.  I’m focusing on the tools to build scenes.  I’ll leave up the parts of a novel because I think this is an important picture for any novelist.  406 more words


Recently, I heard a cry: “I don’t know how to prepare!”  I was stunned.  In our program at the Susan Batson Studio, there is scheduled five times a week a class designed to help the actor learn how to prepare.   422 more words


Character Stats Guide - Episode XI - Awakening

You might remember the post about the character stats our old Viral once posted on his forum blog.
What you will see here is exactly the same system, but updated for the next upcoming update “Episode XI – Awakening”. 228 more words

Text Tutorials

Intro 2: I am the lucky one

Very.  Even so, be careful what you wish for.

So here I begin.  The first was an old one.  And yet these two appear to be a sequence and are now so numbered. 7 more words


Freestyle sketches

I recently doodle without preperation drawing underneath, which is much fun and relaxing.
Doing lots of digital stuff at the moment and need some doodling inbetween sometimes. 15 more words