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SOH series #22 4/23/14 rco


Random Zbrushing - Wednesday - Insect Part 3

Wednesday Wednesday….We are back to the the insect day. I wasn’t able to work on this last week and I wouldn’t let that happen today. 86 more words


4 Quotes By & From George Washington In “Humility”

I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. David Bobb’s book Humility (you can read my full book review by clicking here). The book was partially a challenge for us to cultivate this virtue in our individual lives and in the fabric of our nation. 219 more words

Moderation in Principle is a Species of Vice...

“Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle, is a species of vice.” — Thomas Paine, Letter Addressed to the Addressers on the Late Proclamation, 1792

Founding Fathers

The Best Offense is Not Defensive

Before engaging in any activity I ask myself a couple of questions.

  1. What’s the return on my time investment?
  2. Is the ROI worth engaging in behaviors that I have to defend?
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