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Stunt Doubles

Recently, I’ve been watching a drama, where the main character is a stunt double. (It’s foreign.)

I’ve noticed that a lot of actors don’t seem to do their own stunt, since well, they’re actors. 54 more words

I have succumbed...

“I have succumbed…” seemed the right title for this post somehow. Although now that I’ve typed that post title and checked the definition of “succumb,” I’m thinking the word may be a bit strong. 465 more words

2 years and 8 months old today! ♥

Sepulangnya dari sekolah Sky bercerita: “Mama, di sekolah tadi E (sahabat karibnya) bilang bahwa dia mau menikah…denganku.”
Aku: “O itu manis kan. Karena kamu menikah hanya dengan orang yang paling kamu sayangi.” 548 more words


I’m going to be posting a daily character from now on. Todays has a bit of a thanks giving theme to it. Late? Yes.



Name: Erevan Galanodel (Moonwhisper)
Race: High Elf
Class (Level): Druid (2)      XP Earned:  900
Hit Points:  22
Alignment:  Chaotic Good
Background: Hermit

Description:  Description will go here… 138 more words


Love character (Music video) - The Creative Process behind it

Hi all, when I first started to like this song I was on the train travelling from Barking station heading towards Southend around 10pm or so. 234 more words