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What’s holding you back from spiritual growth?

Sometimes I am astounded by the blackness of my own heart. And yet, I am often oblivious of its condition at the same time.

I am in the midst of remodeling a bathroom in our home. 743 more words


Jonny's Proverbs #13

If we wish our children to be respectful, we must teach them respect. If we wish them to be conscientious, we must teach them and give them a conscience. 11 more words

The Heart Of Soul

Day 2

Obviously you can see my blog title. It describes me and my life ethic perfectly.

I am hugely spiritual, always have been. I’m into the Occult big time, although this was denied me as a child. 132 more words

Raising Frequency from another perspective

I think this video is the kind of thing I have been reading about in so many teachings. Yet, it is from science’s point of view. 12 more words


Kay: Better Writing through Watching TV

I’ve been watching Leverage on Netflix—actually I’ve been rewatching it—and this time I’m also listening to the commentary. The commentary is mostly by the producers and writers. 708 more words