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Have you heard of the Myers-Briggs personality test?  Have you taken it?  Did you read the description and think, That’s creepy, it’s like it knows me?   581 more words

Tips For Writers

Creative casting: Shakespeare featuring Game of Thrones actors

One reason why I love to watch and rewatch Shakespeare’s plays is because I get to see my favourite actors play my favourite characters. Some actors cement public perception of a character, such as… 709 more words


Book Review Friday - The Art of Love by Michele Shriver

I’m a huge fan of Michele Shriver’s books. In her newest release, The Art of Love, she switches genres from contemporary women’s literature the romance. 305 more words

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Goodbye Andybot

I participated in the Mabar event for the first time October-November 2012. At first the event didn’t interest me a whole lot, but then I got really into it and spent a lot of time there (search for mabar on my blog to see the posts I wrote about it). 196 more words


Book Review: Megatokyo Endgames: The Tower of Kartage

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So, for those of you that aren’t aware, Megatokyo is a webcomic/manga (depends on who you ask) that follows the adventures of Piro and Largo when they get stuck in Japan with no money to return (I swear, I’m not making that up). 701 more words

Book Review

Dead Cert by Dick Francis

Some books are old favorites that we return to over and over, despite knowing the events and plot to infinite detail, because the journey is so enjoyable. 331 more words


Jason Voorhees: It's Friday, Friday walkthrough

This is the walkthrough for the Jason Voorhees questline – It’s Friday, Friday.

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