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I'm late, I'm late, for a very important . . . aw heck I'm always late.

To everything.  Been the what way my whole life. Although I’ve gotten a little better at being on time over the years, especially the last five, which happens be how long I’ve been married.   4,587 more words


Split String into Number and Character in C#.Net and VB.NET using Regex

I used to split text “March 2014″ into number and characters in both c# and vb.net

In C#.NET:

In Asp.Net you need split any string into character and number First of all you need to add: 149 more words

WPF Application

Conversation between a Cup and Saucer

‘Ow! Not to be an old stauncher,
I know that tea is a scorcher,
But the dripping on me is a real torture,
I’m sure you understand,’ said the saucer… 214 more words


Get More In Depth With Charlie and Kaylee

Join Charlie and Kaylee as they embark on black bear, cougar, mule deer, elk, grizzly bear, lynx, caribou and bighorn sheep hunting adventures.

When they aren’t hunting they’re fishing or taking part in their Young Sportsman’s Club where they learn the skills that enhance the wilderness… 567 more words


The Rope in the Cave

When news came of a storm moving up the coast, it was decided Louisa ought to come home for winter break a day earlier than planned to avoid driving in the thick of it.   6,635 more words

The real origin of Matches Malone

Last time we covered the dramatic Brian K. Vaughan re-telling of Matches Malone’s origin story.  It’s delightful.  But Batman’s undercover alter-ego actually premiered back in 1972 as a response to Ra’s al Ghul, who himself premiered ten issues before Matches Malone.   398 more words


Welcome to Junior Hunters at Large Series Book Website

Junior Hunters at Large Series

Hunting and fishing is a lifestyle choice that siblings Charlie and Kaylee partake in with their parents. They love hunting with Mom and Dad while on an exciting journey creating memories that last forever. 50 more words