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Billy the Scarecrow

Scarecrows are considered very scary,
But Billy thought people judged unfairly
Yes they are full of hay
And make crows fly away
But secretly he just wanted to be a fairy… 70 more words


Face sketches

One day early again, as I will not have time tomorrow:


Intermission: Attuma

You know about Attuma, right?  Not that Street Fighter character.  Don’t worry, I don’t know who he is either until I looked him up about an hour ago.   309 more words


4-1 win over St. Louis! / Who's Your LOST Dream Guy?

The Canucks played the Blues at 5 in Ryan Miller’s return to St. Louis, and it was a 4-1 win complete with an empty-net goal! 88 more words


Six Ways to Develop Characters For Your Novel

In the Yin Yang of writing the two major parts of any novel are Plot & Characters. Without a plot, you are simply writing a conversation about a few characters who don’t seem to go anywhere or do anything. 654 more words


Character and Song #37: Marie

I know, I know. Sporadic posts. But I have good news! I’ll have my laptop back this weekend. And then I’ll be able to pester all you lovely people with droll discussion about philosophy, health, and the insane creatures who live in my head (as well as sharing their sex lives and dark secrets on the… 122 more words