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Not Another Word

Over on Facebook, a reader mentioned a scene in FC:1 that she really liked. I like to investigate this sort of specific feedback–the good and… 587 more words


A universe balanced on the head of a pin

Something you should probably know about me before we continue: I’m a little addicted to metaphors, and I like to mix ‘em. What better way to introduce you to that particular quirk in my writing than by making a metaphor-heavy post about writing, right? 770 more words


Are You (s)Mothering Your Characters? A Quick Checklist

I just finished a scene for book 2 of my Citizens of Logan Pond trilogy. The scene ended with an emotional moment. I was tired and walked away before I’d completely polished it off, figuring I’d do that this morning. 1,269 more words


Let's Talk About Theme

Let’s talk about theme baby, let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all…..

Oh sorry. Didn’t see you there.

So I wanted to come on and talk about theme today, obviously. 465 more words

Meet everyone else

 Welcome Followers and new time readers!

Sorry this is a day late i forgot that yesterday was Wednesday. 

Alright lets get down to business. Don’t assume just because my title is meet everyone else that i ma being a lazy writer and just wanna get it all out there. 637 more words

How to really get readers to care about your characters

In the short video below by screenwriter and director, John Truby, he says one of the biggest mistakes writers make is how they create their characters. 117 more words


A-Z Blog Challenge Day 15

“I’m not opinionated; you’re just wrong.” ~ Darby Conley

My Dad once told me, “Opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one.” While the visual that gave me was more than any person could handle without bursting into fits of snorting giggles, it’s one hundred percent accurate.   312 more words

Anti Hero