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Necessary detail or flannel...

I took on the National Novel Writing Month challenge, to attempt to write 50,000 words of a new novel in one month, this month… I first took on this challenge last year and I was thrilled to complete it… but this year I seem to be struggling. 366 more words



In the night she asks, “Why did you make me your champion?” and all the answers that come to mind are dissimulation. But she knows me too well to deceive her and so I answer honestly. 184 more words


Hector in High Noon

So Hector is often seen as the true hero of the Iliad. Achilles is impressive but also a childish glory-seeker. Odysseus is clever but yet to come into his own as he does in the Odyssey. 879 more words

General Blithering

Hollywood Imaginations

Something that I have found eternally helpful is casting my novel, as if it were a movie, before I begin writing. I am not the type to go into too much physical detail for my characters, since I don’t feel I am good at making it natural, but also to allow the reader to have a bit of imagination with how the characters might appear. 462 more words


NaNoWriMo - week 3

This week I’ve lost my rhythm entirely with NaNoWriMo, which means my word count slowed down quite a lot. My discipline seems to have totally abandoned me, which is a problem, so today I’ve been relying on friends to nag and cheer me on for the final stretch. 289 more words

Happy Things

Storytelling: beyond books

Okay, I’ve hit the dreaded reader’s block. Gone has defeated me.

You know you have reader’s block when everything else in the world is much more interesting than continuing to read that book. 581 more words


AND 217 - Modelling

To model my character had to work out the measurements, to get them I divided the hight of my character in ‘real life’ by 7 to get the height the model would be. 168 more words