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The Twilight Zone

This was recently brought to my attention on a certain blog that I’ve enjoyed reading the past couple of days.  It’s a blog called Coffee. Write. 500 more words

Song prompt

I challenged myself one night a couple of months ago to turn my Spotify music to a random song and let it play, and write a snippet inspired (not necessarily directly) by the song. 263 more words


Chandler Binds

Chandler Binds

Age 42 (Human)

2nd Appointed Director of the Operational Intelligence Level. Son of the infamous General Gordon Godfreed. Maintains absolute control over the   Andironian supercomputer known as World Mind. 44 more words


Not that kind of horse

I love Omnibus. I mean, these huge literature textbooks my mom discovered a year ago when I came back from private school after a semester. Just as a sidenote, I absolutely loved the Literature sessions in English class at the school, and Paideia (which is Greek for “the study of society”–or in other words, the study of such subjects, rhetoric, theology, philosophy, which makes a well-rounded classical student). 949 more words


Not Back to the Drawing Board but It Feels Like Starting Over

I started my fourth novel before I’d even written the second and third.

Last night, I took on the task of jumping back in and finishing this story with a renewed energy. 352 more words


Build some fun in your family

Build a Lego Character

My kids and I used this site to build Lego characters. I built one that looks like me and they both built ones they each thought were cool. 109 more words