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Soap Operas

I watch The Young and the Restless as often as possible. Well, Phyllis is out of the coma. She doesn’t know that Doug (her husband) got involved with another woman. 192 more words

Intermission: Namor

I know what you love most about Namor: his abs.  And second?  Punching, most likely.  But we all know the third admiration on that list: his political problem-solving.   301 more words


How Do your Characters Shake Hands?

Handshakes communicate dominance, submission, or equality. When hands meet, if one person turns his or her palm facing down, it’s called the Upper Hand and means that person wants control of the meeting. 261 more words

Julaina Kleist-Corwin

Writing Characters: Love them or Hate them

Characters. Without them a story can’t be. Characters are the pawns we use within the environment we write to create each scene. Without them we can have no conflict, we can have no dialog and the story will be pretty dry and boring. 515 more words


Another Dilemma, and a Writerly Question

Because I like it, and because I have to scratch my own back on this project a little (because nobody else is going to do it for me) I’m posting another favorite passage of the day.   373 more words


Dancin' cat :)


Watercolor and colored pencil.  This combo is a classic, and a really great foundation :)  I prefer it in grayscale myself.