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Characters on Cannery Row

I am currently reading Cannery Row by John Steinbeck. I’m a fan of Steinbeck, but I have to admit I struggled with the beginning of this book. 446 more words


Writing Quote #1 ~ Killing Characters

I admit, that, as a writer, I want to kill off my characters. It can cause a bit of a shock in the story and is a good way to keep the plot moving forward. 145 more words


Another Kind of Necessary Evil

I have a lot of evil thoughts lately.

I’ve been working on a novel and I’ve come to realize just how evil I’ve made the main antagonist. 557 more words


"The Cuckoo's Calling" by Robert Galbraith

How great is it when your ‘in person’ bookclub chooses a book that has been on your own personal ‘to read’ pile for over a year! 603 more words

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Artist Use Starbucks Coffee Sleeves To Draw Celebrated Characters

Instagram based artist @sleevebucks used Starbucks cardboard sleeves to draw acclaimed characters utilizing the well known mermaid logo. Artist’s renowned work incorporates Harry Porter, Voldemort, Elsa from film… 320 more words

Digital Doodle: Lamby and Giraffe

I am attempting to teach myself digital painting.  I recently bought a drawing tablet and have been loving it so far.  This is my most recent creation/experiment.

“Lamby and Giraffe” © 2015 Digital


Book World

It’s the strangest thing, the way the words of a book jump out from the page and race through my mind. With every thought, every word I read, a scene unfolds right before my eyes. 279 more words

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